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Finals Week vs. Game of Thrones: What’s the Difference?

The blood. The death. The overhanging gloom and sense of despair. Life on a college campus during finals week is extremely familiar to those of us who watch Game of Thrones. The stakes are as high as they were during the Battle of the Bastards and the fight for an A as righteous and noble as the fight for the seven kingdoms. So whether you’re a Lannister or a Stark, take comfort in the fact that The Night King is probably going to win anyways.

  • It’s the beginning of the week. Hopes are high and all things are still possible. You’re optimistic about the upcoming exams. You have plenty of time, right?
  • But then, about two hours into your first real study session you realize that you were horribly, horribly wrong about how this week is going to go.
  • It’s been three days, supplies are dwindling and morale is low. You’ve worn the same outfit for several days and your hair is in the same messy bun it’s been in. The coffee stains are the only thing that breaks up the monotone color scheme of your groutfit. Your hope is that when people look at you, they don’t notice you are reproducing the GoT habit of actually never taking a shower.
  • On top of three exams, you have at least 2 group projects that aren’t finished. There’s always that one group member who makes you wish you lived on Braavos so you could just duel it out.
  • Also, you’ve got to edit that final paper for your philo/english/writing seminar. You send it to the professor to look over and get a million grammar corrections back but not a single comment on your actual thesis… you know, the important part.

At this point, it’s probably a few days into reading days.

  • You have two options for your point of view at this point. You’ve either…
  1. Given up all hope and decided the best way to study is going to just drink and see what happens. Or…

2. You actually feel like you might have learned something and that little spark of confidence is all you need.

  • Once you’ve hit the halfway mark, finals week starts getting a little funky. Things stop making sense and any shred of sanity you had has been replaced by full-on caffeine-induced dance parties…
  • Followed by awkward staring at the people sitting at library tables in eye shot…
  • And the overall desire to go home, even if it’s the snowy and cold halls of Winterfell.
  • It’s time for battle. You start the slow sad walk toward the exam location and just prepare for the absolute worst. As the TA’s and professor prepare for the slaughter, you draw your pen and face the opposing army.
  • Finally (because I couldn’t help myself), every finals week is just a little reminder that…

Good luck Everyone! HCNDXO


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Hi everyone, I'm Margaret! I'm a sophmore in Cavanaugh Hall (embrace the Chaos) and I'm majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Science, Technology and Values. I'm from Falmouth, Maine where I work for a company that makes really awesome bags and purses from old boat sails. In my spare time, I love to dance, read, and binge watch series on Netflix. I also pride myself on my skills as a foodie, so if any one knows of places to get good grub around South Bend, I'd love to hear about them! Notre Dame has been my dream school practically since birth and I still haven't come down from cloud-nine yet despite the struggles of Organic Chemistry- here's hoping that feeling never goes away!
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