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Fiery Chick: Kathryn D’Alessandro

Meet Kathryn D’Alessandro, the fiery redhead hailing from 2 South in Lewis Hall. With the help of her friends, we were able to conduct this unique and telling interview. Check it out below!


Name: Kathryn D’Alessandro

Nickname: I have a bunch, but the most common is Tiny Red.

Hometown: Newtown, Connecticut

Dorm: Lewis Hall

Major: Unknown, but I am thinking about Mechanical Engineering… or Physics… or both… or neither… I don’t know!

Year: Freshman

Opening Line: “I ate an entire bag of Doritos while Jess typed this interview.” – Kathryn

                              “Hi, my name is Kathryn I have no soul.” – Michael

Kathryn being a cutie pie in a lake in Vermont while at running camp

Questions and Answers

Do you have any pets?

No I do not have any pets, but I really wanted a cat. Next year I am going to get a hedgehog! His name is going to be Hector, although I am not the one who picked that name. My friends and I are all going to take care of him together; one fully supports taking Hector on walks, although the rest of us disagree. It should be a fun time.

How often do you get comments on your hair? How do you feel about them?

Um, I mostly get them from old people who come up to me and tell me that they had red hair when they were younger, which is surprising because I think almost everyone seemed to have red hair a few years ago. My roommate says that red heads do not have souls; but that is not true. I am not Judas. Haters gonna hate.

You say your roommate thinks you have no soul, do you two normally get along?

Oh no, I hate her. No I don’t. Just kidding! She’s like the best; she is just so cute. I only say I hate her because she is sitting next to me right now. She is from India and her name is Arushi. She is so sassy, I hope it rubs off on me. But yeah, she likes to stay in her bed a lot, which is good because we can always have long talks and bonding sessions at night. We hang out a lot and are really close; so close that she would let me break parietals if I had to.

Kathryn and her roommate Arushi on game day!

Have you ever broken the Lewis PDA rule?


How did your Frosh-O experience go? What’s your most memorable moment?

It was very tiring. My most memorable moment–I mean, no it’s not since Arushi just reminded me of it–but yeah, was when Arushi and I took a nap on the first day and we really bonded. Not really. Its actually the moment I pulled up to the doors and the girls in the Frosh-O tank tops came running out to say “hi” and help me with my stuff.

Why did you pick your major intent(s)?

Michael: She needed a major where she would have to work alone because she can’t work with people.

Kathryn: *Reaches for my water* Is this yours?

Me: Yes.

Kathryn: Can I dump this on him?

Me: Yes.

Proceeds to attempt to dump water on 6’2″ Michael, while Kathryn is only 5’1″. Try picturing that.

Kathryn: I can take him!

Me: So, back to the question..?

Kathryn: I just like Physics. And I don’t like Michael, he’s a loser.

Kathryn and her section before their formal

What is something that you did not expect to find here at Notre Dame?

I expected to find more people like Michael. Thank goodness I didn’t. One is enough. I’m kidding I’m kidding. I was shocked to find such a diverse group of friends here at Notre Dame. We all come from different parts of the country and have different backgrounds, and it is nice to spend time with such different people. I am super close with the girls in my section and could not imagine college without them, and yet I have also made friends from different dorms and have found that we can all hang out and get along really well!

Kathryn is so spirited at the pep rally

What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy weekend?

I like to stay in my bed and watch New Girl. And eat food. I always eat food.

If you were stuck in the Steppan Center for 24 hours completely alone, what are the three things that you would bring with you?

Kathryn: Definitely food. Any food.

Michael: A tub of quarter dogs!

Kathryn: That’s disgusting Michael, no. Hm, I would bring like a book of puzzles. Something fun to do, or maybe a jigsaw puzzle, or a newspaper! Oh, and water, I don’t want to die of thirst.

Are you dating this Michael guy? He has come up a lot.

Kathryn: NO. I hate him. I keep saying I hate people but I actually don’t. But I do have a boyfriend, and he is definitely not Michael.

Michael: Thank goodness!

Kathryn: So no, we are not dating, but we have a love-hate friendship to say the least. It’s quite tumultuous.

So then tell me about your boyfriend then!

His name is Nic. He sort of happens to go to the University of Michigan (which is unfortunate). We met in our high school physics class (maybe why I like physics so much?). Even though we don’t get to see each other that much, we’re making the long-distance thing work. We are both super short, but he’s taller than me. We will have been together for 2 years in May. He is pretty awesome. He is the best boyfriend ever and is really sweet.

Kathryn and Nic being babes.
Quick Picks


Chocolate or Vanilla?

Vanilla–but just for ice cream or creme brulee.

Books or e-Reader?

Books. Reading something on the computer for a long time makes my eyes feel weird.

Seashore or Mountain Hike?

Mountain Hike. I grew up in the woods.

Fruits or Vegetables?

Vegetables. I love Vegetables.

Thanks Kathryn! 



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