Fictional Females to Channel During Finals Week

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping, but the quads are empty, the hallways silent. There is not a soul in sight as you walk around campus… until you step foot in the library. Between the shelves and in the study rooms, the tension is palpable as stressed and exhausted students scramble to understand months of material over the course of a few reading days. Don’t despair! Find some finals inspirations in these boss women from our favorite tv shows and movies. 

Hermione GrangerStereotypical bookworm and model student, Hermione is a heroine to bookish girls everywhere. A prime example of someone who has got her priorities straight, follow everyone’s favorite witch and try to limit your distractions as you study for finals. You know what is most important. 

Cady HeronWe are talking about post-Plastic Cady Heron here. Supplying ample joke material for calculus students everywhere, don’t be afraid to answer even the toughest exam questions with confidence. The answer you seek might just be that there is no answer at all. 

Violet Crawley aka The Dowager Countess Don’t let exhaustion get you down. Instead, fight off the stress with stony sass and incredible attitude. In the wise words of our favorite matriarch, “Don’t be defeatist, dear, it’s very middle class.”

Katniss EverdeenFinals week is most definitely comparable to the Hunger Games. Although your life might not be on the line, your GPA certainly is. 

Olivia PopeTake a page from this sneaky "fixer" and work the system for your benefit. Find that friend with a killer study guide, write your name down for every review session and head over to office hours for a last chat with your professor. As long as it's within the Honor Code, utilize every resource available to you. 


Christina YangA killer surgeon and generally a genius, Yang is a robot when it comes to answering questions. So grab your flashcards and start cramming. And if the stress is getting to you, try Christina’s signature technique for forgetting your worries. 

Leslie KnopeThe most important message for you this finals week is to remain positive. In the face of defeat, struggle, or victory, follow Leslie Knope’s unbreakable spirit and infectious attitude. Every day is made a little better with a smile on your face. 

Good luck Collegiettes, and have a great summer! XOXO HCND

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