Experience the Charm of A Christmas Prince

During the Christmas season, who wouldn't love to chill out and watch out a rom com? In particular, one created by Netflix. I have found that Netflix movies are typically full of satire--but it is unknown whether that is their intention or not. One of my favorite Netflix originals is A Christmas Prince. This movie checks the box for many movie cliches, yet it is still a movie that is perfect to watch while cozying up on the couch as the snow falls outside. Here are my first impressions of the movie, but, do not worry--this review does not contain any movie spoilers.

The movie plot revolves around an aspiring young journalist from New York. This is a bit confusing since the movie begins with the camera showing clips of New York and then accidentally features a building from Chicago--oops, I guess.

This journalist is named Amber Moore. Amber receives her big break as she is assigned to write a story about the Prince and soon-to-be King of Aldovia--a fictional country (in case that was not already obvious.) Amber arrives to the majestic land and disguises as the Queen's daughter's tutor to get the inside scoop of life inside the castle.

You would think that as someone who is trying to make it big in the journalism industry, Amber would be on top of her game. But the notes on her laptop are written in large font and contain phrases such as "I have to dig deeper." Super riveting, right? She is also not very sly at trying to capture photos of the royal family--there are many instances in which she is holding her iPhone in plain sight as she tries to "sneakily" add to her journalism portfolio.

Overall, the movie is worth watching both for its cute portrayal of the Christmas spirit and the opportunity to become a film critic without any training--go ahead and try to spot the discrepancies. So, if you want a good laugh, I recommend A Christmas Prince. Then, once you finish the movie, you can move on to the sequel A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. I have seen it, and it is equally hilarious.

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