Every Notre Dame Girls Dorm as Flowers

It’s Spring. The flowers are blooming at home and I can only imagine what they look like on campus. Inspired by spring, here is my list of the flowers that symbolize Notre Dame dorms:

  1. 1. Badin: Sweet Peas

    white flowered tree against vivid blue sky

    An oldie but a goodie. Sweet peas are nostalgic plants, reminding you of cottage gardens or trellises in your grandparents’ yard. These climbing flowers reach for the sun and won’t stop until they have their day in the heat. The name alone reminds me of the residents of Badin Hall!

  2. 2. Breen-Phillips: Coneflowers

    assortment of flowers

    Natives of the north, coneflowers carry a beautiful pink shade and like to grow in tight clusters. Like the Babes of BP, coneflowers are wonderful gifts, they are unique and versatile and ready to weather any storm!

  3. 3. Cavanaugh: Lavender

    The distinct purple hue defines both lavender and Cavanaugh Hall. Lavender is tough and dependable, which one has to be if they are neighbors with Zahm Hall. Lavender has been valued for not only its physical beauty but also its intense blooms. You know there’s lavender in a room without having to open your eyes. 

  4. 4. Farley: Purple Carnation

    Alisa Anton Tt T

    Legend has it that you give purple carnations to those that you feel sorry for. Farley, I hope you accept purple carnations as a sign of my condolences for your unfortunate circumstances. Everything’s going to be okay. 

  5. 5. Flaherty: Chrysanthemum

    flower vase bouquet

    Originating from the far east, chrysanthemums need sun (a nice front patio), good air circulation (air conditioning) and a lot of love (don’t we all?). Decorative and colorful, you can always count on chrysanthemums to bring life and vibrance to your garden!

  6. 6. Howard: Dahlias

    flowers poppy coffee shop boquet colorful

    Sometimes forgotten among popular flowers, dahlias are symbols of enduring elegance, inner strength and dignity. Popular in southern climates, especially Mexico, they have started off small but continue to grow in popularity each year. You’ll have your day in the sun Howard!

  7. 7. Johnson Family Hall: Baby's Breath


    Baby’s breath is commonly given to mothers to celebrate the birth of their newborn. This “baby dorm” is as pure and innocent as baby’s breath. Baby’s breath is delicate but grows into huge plants with maturity. I can’t wait to see the community in Johnson bloom!

  8. 8. Lewis: Daisies

    Tessa Wilson

    They’re everywhere and there are so many of them!!! Join them together in a chain and you’ll have a beautiful flower crown. The daisy takes you back to your carefree childhood days laughing in the grass and being with friends. The ladies of Lewis are always fresh, fresh as a daisy that is.

  9. 9. Lyons: Daffodils

    flowers at sunset

    What would Notre Dame be without the daffodils? William Wordsworth sums up the spirit of daffodils in his poem, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.” It goes, “I wandered lonely as a cloud /That floats on high o’er vales and hills,/When all at once I saw a crowd, /A host of golden daffodils;/ Beside the lake, beneath the trees,/ Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.” If this doesn’t sound like the ladies of Lyons in the corner of South Quad I don’t know what does.

  10. 10. McGlinn: Hibiscus

    Panama Flower

    The hibiscus plant thrives in the west and is a sign of a showgirl. While they come in many sizes and shapes, their center, their heart is the same. However, you can always count on the hibiscus flower for some good tea.

  11. 11. Pangborn: Marigolds

    A photo of HC Colby team member Izzy Ward to use in her campus profile.

    Sure they might smell a little bit and attract spiders, but these plants are commonly tied to the image of the brave and courageous lion. This is the spirit that takes to live in Pangborn. These flowers transition throughout the years and are used in gardens to help other flowers grow quite like how Pangborn houses residents while other dorms are being built. Marigolds can survive a ton of heat as does Pangborn despite constant ridicule.

  12. 12. Pasquerilla East: Peach Rose

    roses on black background

    While not quite as vibrant as the red rose, the peach rose symbolizes appreciation, modesty and togetherness. Peach roses are excellent to bring to parties or social gatherings. Everything is peachy when you’re with someone from PE!

  13. 13. Pasquerilla West: Red Rose

    man holding rose

    The red rose is one of the few flowers that has had an enduring and universal meaning: love. Red roses are fiery and passionate and have always been a way to express love and passion. No one is willing to show their love and devotion to their dorm quite like PDub. Red roses are fiery and passionate.

  14. 14. Ryan: Orchid

    orchid plant

    Luxurious, ornate, magnificent, delicate and beautiful. Sounds like Ryan Hall to me. During the Victorian era orchids represented rare and delicate beauty. These opulent plants are always the center of attention at big events quite like a Wildcat wherever she goes!

  15. 15. Walsh: Calla Lilies

    pink lilies

    If you’ve ever been in Walsh Hall you’ll know the chapel has stained glass adorned with white calla lilies. Calla lillies commonly symbolize purity, holiness and faithfulness. Being so close to the Basilica, the ladies of Walsh are always reminded of their faith just like calla lilies do! Tradition runs deep with these flowers as well as in this dorm!

  16. 16. Welsh Family Hall: Sunflower 

    bouquet of sunflowers

    No flower can quite lift your spirit like a sunflower can. They are cheery, bright, warm and inviting. If you are blessed to know a Whirlwind you’ll always be dazzled by their vibrant and sunny personalities!

Put the petal to the metal! This semester is almost over! You got this!