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Emojis to Flirt Your Way Into Any Guy’s Heart

In the 21st century, guys and girls are faced with new dating issues that have not previously been problems before. Technology, social media, texting etiquette, and other innovative modes of communication can make dating and relationships both easier and more difficult. There are many ways that an individual can flirt online. According to Urban Dictionary, emojis “are the tiny pictures you can put on your texts.” These tiny pictures can be utilized to express different emotions, feelings, and even romantic messages that an individual might want to depict. Emoji’s can be flirty, funny, and say the things one might be too ashamed out front. There are several emojis that are more appropriately used in different situations, and every Notre Dame girl should use them accordingly.

For the Guy You Danced With at Feve

There are tons of cute guys at Club Fever that a single Notre Dame girl can meet and dance with. If you two happened to have switched digits, there is one emoji that you should definitely use when first texting him: sexy salsa dancing girl. This dancing queen has it going on! She’s wearing a super hot dress, her hair is perfect for the occasion, and she radiates confidence at a Sophia Vergara level. Sending a guy a sexy, confident text message with the salsa dancer will show him that you’re as confident as you were the night he met you! 

For the Guy You Met at Domerfest

For freshmen, Domerfest might actually be one of the most awkward and exhilarating parts of Frosh-O. There are TONS of available, sexy guys walking around waiting to get to know eligible young bachelorettes. Still have that guy’s number but NO nerve to text him? The peace sign emojis are perfect for this situation because they are cute, friendly, unique, and sassy! 

For the Cutie in Your Orgo Class

Some people go to certain classes consistently and without hesitation solely to stare at the hot guy that sits two seats in front of them. Start a conversation with them by asking them about the homework or for some studying help, and in the process, the clover emoji is perfect! It’s a flirty way to remind him that you both attend Notre Dame and are in the same class! It is also a silly, flirty, and creative way to remind him that you two have something in common with one another. 

For the Athlete that Scored Your Heart

Let’s face it, Notre Dame has some of the most attractive athletes of any college campus. If you’re lucky enough to date one of them, you need to keep them on their toes! The “smiley poop” emoji, is the place to start! This emoji is cute enough with its smiling face to not be grotesque and unlady like, but can also be the perfect opening or closing piece to a sarcastic and joking message! The poop emoji is great for teasing a joker, or someone who needs a little bit of making fun of in order to capture their heart, and since that athlete stole yours, you need to do a thievery playing in return!

Happy texting! I hope your emojis make him a little emoji-nal over you!


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