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Emily Morgan ’16: Jersey Girl

I know y’all have met a fair amount of Notre Dame football manager Campus Celebs and Cuties already. But, it’s all for good reason; they’re quality people who also happen to be really cool and exciting. Sorry, but I’m about to introduce you to yet another one, the best roommate and one of the (secretly) funniest persons I know here: Emily Morgan.

Name: Emily Morgan

Hometown: Holmdel, NJ

Major: Finance and Ecocomics with a minor in Constitutional Studies.

Dorm: Lewis Hall, AKA Hall of the Year

Why ND?

I’m not a legacy or anything, but after driving down Notre Dame Avenue when I visited for my first time I knew I would end up here.

Fave spot on campus?

1.  My bed

2.  Walking across God Quad at night and enjoying the scenery

Dream job?

President of the United States of America

Or a lawyer…

On-campus jobs:

Notre Dame Football Equipment Manager

North Dining Hall (Best Dining Hall) student manager

My first snow game ever!

Activities on campus:

Lewis Hall Fundraising Secretary, which makes me in charge of LHOP…you’re welcome.

Favorite part about being a FB manager?

Being able to be a part of the history and tradition of such a prestigious football program

Best memory as a manager?

Working the Wake Forest game when it was snowing…until we were assaulted by giant frozen marshmallows.

Worst memory as a football manager?

The Blaster.

Best memory/experience as a Notre Dame student?

Storming the field in the rain at the Stanford game last year.

What was studying abroad in China like?

Going to China this summer was a great experience to see a completely different culture and helped me realize that I REALLY want to study abroad in the future.

Biggest challenge at Notre Dame?

Finding time to do everything that I want to do here! I just need more time….(terrible South Park reference)

Advice for future Domers?

Invest in some winter boots before that first awkward fall/slip/no wait…caught myself,  just Tim Tebowing moment. And no, Uggs don’t count.

Favorite restaurant on Eddy Street?

Chipotle…but Brothers has the best bathrooms.

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