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Eight Song Remixes for When You’ve Lost Your Jam

 We’ve all done it before. We find a new song, fall in love with it, and then blast it on repeat until we become absolutely sick of it. I always try to stop myself from playing the same song over and over again, but when you find one that just speaks to you, you can’t help but pretend you’re Halsey tearing it up on the VMA’s stage.Well my friends, I have a solution for you. When you feel that you have exhausted a song but still want to jam out, I have some great remixes courtesy of some of the best YouTube channels known to mankind (ok maybe not the best, but I do love these channels).

1. “Same Old Love” (Filous Remix)

The sultry beginning of this remix gets you excited for what’s to come, then the beat picks up when you least expect it. There’s an element of EDM here that makes it more danceable than the regular version. It’s a great change and reminds you of the boss that you are.2. “Cheerleader” (Felix Jaehn vs. Salaam Remi Remix)

When I heard the original version of “Cheerleader”, I could not stand it. I thought calling any girl your own personal cheerleader was completely cheesy (and also kind of weird). But once I heard this remix while I was at practice, I decided to give the song a chance. I think that Omi by himself isn’t the best, but with great features and some help this song is a smash. I like the little rap in the beginning which makes the song intriguing and keeps you interested in what’s next.3. “Ride” (Jaydon Lewis Remix) [Bass Boosted]

Yep, I am definitely a bandwagon Twenty One Pilots fan, but in my defense I actually do own the entire Blurryface album. Twenty One Pilots is a band that gives me hope and has the lyrical talent of Green Day with the vocals of Maroon 5. As much as I love “Ride” (and “Heathens” and “Tear in My Heart” and “Stressed Out”), it is definitely getting overplayed on every possible radio station and party playlist. I needed a refresher and lo and behold this baby came about.4. “Pass Dat” by Jeremih feat. Chance the Rapper, Young Thug, and The Weeknd

The features in the song already justify how great the remix is. This song is perfect for late night drives, kickbacks, and those moments when you’re getting ready in the morning. Chance, the future of music according to Kanye, kills it as usual and The Weeknd’s vocals just send this over the top. It is a bit repetitive and kind of long, but you lose track of time when you listen to it and don’t realize that it’s over four minutes.5. “Prisoner” by The Weeknd feat. Lana Del Rey (Tomsize Remix)

This song opens up with the heavens that is The Weeknd’s voice and guides you into a bass drop that makes you forget where you are. Then Lana takes the wheel and shows off her velvet voice, pulling you even further into the song. I had never heard the original but when I stumbled across this I didn’t even bother listening to it because you can’t top this version. The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey should just collab and make an entire album together.6.  “Love Yourself” (Vanic Remix)

Not gonna lie, this is seriously one of my favorite remixes of all time. I can’t even explain how much I love it. I discovered this gem probably back in April and blasted it all through summer and it still remains a staple in my day to day playlist. It’s a great danceable alternative to one of the Bieb’s best songs to date. I can guarantee his mama will like this one.7. “Day N Nite” (Andrew Luce Remix) [Bass Boosted]

Forgot about this song? Don’t worry, me too. This remix slows it down and it takes a while to really get into it, but once you get past the first minute it’s definitely worth the wait. It revives an underrated song and builds up to a great hook, reminding us why Kid Cudi is still relevant today. I love listening this on especially long walks from the Lew to the track.8. “Chill Bill Remix” ft. D.R.A.M., Denzel Curry, and Cousin Stizz (Explicit)


Chill Bill is the first single of San Diego native Rob $tone and it’s a good one. He is a breath of fresh air in the rap world today and isn’t afraid to try different styles. The whistle beat throughout the song will get stuck in your head but you’ll love it anyway. Blast this one in your earbuds on your way to class or when you’re just chillin in your room and you’ll instantly feel cooler. I guarantee you’ll be hearing this everywhere within the next month.

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