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Dorm Room Inspiration

Welcome back, ladies! Are you as excited about this new school year as I am? In my personal opinion, one of the best parts about starting the new year is decorating your dorm. If you’re anything like me, you go all-out. Decorating your dorm is a process and sometimes it can take weeks to get it perfect. Still trying to think about how you can add a little something to those bare walls and empty floors? Here’s some inspiration for you to get your decorative juices flowing!


Buy Some Plants

Last year I really started seeing this interior design trend take off. Every Pinterest board I saw online was filled with tiny succulents and ferns. It adds a pop of color to your room without making it feel too cluttered. Plus, who doesn’t love the way plants make the air feel?

Use a Trunk for Storage

When I shop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for dorm room furniture, the choices are a little boring. You get those basic gray and white tubs/storage closets and there’s really no way to make them look any cuter. But if you buy a cute trunk, you can use it for storage and as a coffee table. It’s a win-win situation!

String Firefly Lights

Tiny firefly lights are an essential for dorm decor. You can pin Polaroids to them, put them over your bed for extra reading light, or even around your door during the holidays.

Hang Colorful Tapestries

When you just have too much wall space, consider buying a tapestry. My roommate and I actually covered an entire wall with a single tapestry. It relieved us of the hassle of buying a thousand pictures, plus it looks precious. We get compliments on it all the time!

Try a Gold Bust

I’ve seen a few inexpensive gold busts of animals (like deer) at Target, and I love the way that they add a classy yet effortless feel to a room. They look expensive but actually run from $20-$30. Which if you think about it, that’s not a bad deal!

Showcase your Books

I love the bindings of books, and I actually enjoy stacking mine in a way that shows off their color to all of my guests. It takes up some space that would be otherwise empty and functions as both decoration and a place for all of your favorite novels. It’s especially beautiful when you only showcase books of similar color and style, such as hardbacks with black or gold text.

I hope you’ve had an amazing start of the school year and that these tips give you some inspiration to decorate your home for the year.


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