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Dorm Decor for Halloween

Halloween is almost here! Festive fall decor can be seen popping up all around campus. Some dorm rooms have windows covered with cute pumpkin window clings, others have decorated pumpkins outside the doors. These small displays of festivity always make me smile, even in the middle of a hectic week of midterms. I’ve always loved decorating for holidays. So when my family came to visit last weekend, I asked them only for tons of Halloween decorations! They did not disappoint, and we got right to work decking out my dorm room. Here are some pictures of the finished product!

The party starts before you even walk into the room! I perched some glittery black critters above my room number. So far, they’re doing a good job of warding off the evil spirits.

Next, we have our “Touch Down Skelly” (my mom’s idea). Go Irish!

The first thing you’ll see upon entering my room is this adorable banner, made of shiny mylar, and several hanging “cobwebs” (only one pictured). The huge spider on the wall is a little too realistic for some of my friends…

Finally, we’ve got some adorable ghoulish pals hanging above the closet. Everyone keeps asking me how I made them,  which I find incredibly flattering. Alas, they are from Target.

How are you decorating for Halloween?! I’d love to see some spook-tastic dorm decor!

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