Dining Hall Vegetarian Options: Ranked

Everyone has a strong opinion on dining hall food, and sometimes it changes meal to meal.  For any vegetarians on campus, it is even more of a toss up on any given day.  Here’s a ranking of the dining hall vegetarian options:

10. Veggie Burger - Maybe it’s just me, but I despise corn in a veggie burger, making this easily my least favorite option.  Burger night is not ideal.

9. Falafel - Great chance for a filling, non-meat dish, but the pita and falafel are never as soft as I would prefer.

8. Spanakopita - This Greek spinach and cheese pastry is such a different option that I pick it up almost every time it is offered.

7. Tomato Tortellini Soup - For the increasingly cold days, this is the optimal choice when you are still covered in snow by the time you get your food.

6. Thai Vegetable Curry - While it’s no Cambodian Thai, this is a decent, uncommon dining hall option that provides necessary variety and spice to a vegetarian diet.

5. Chef Suvir's Roasted Cauliflower - Found in the vegan section of South, this makes a great center for a meal and really brings the heat.

4. Kung Pao Cauliflower - This is my favorite ‘substitution’ dish, where it perfectly meshes Asian flavors for a meal where meat is not even missing.

3. Burrito Night - My favorite reason to trek to North before I was a vegetarian, now making this with beans and rice it is still just as delicious.

2. Garlic Kale Gnocchi - This is the ideal pasta option in the DH.  It is delicious, has a green in it, and, with the addition of red pepper flakes, it becomes an amazing dish.

1. Indian Food - Listen, I accept that when we have Indian Food, all of the other options are limited, but I do not care.  It is overwhelmingly the best option, with such great flavor profiles, plenty of variety, and extremely filling. Jackfruit, lentils, and spices all around. Samosas and naan and that fantastic rice finish off the best vegetarian option in the dining hall.


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