Details on Deflate Gate

In America, there are few traditions more sacred than that of the classic football game. And with the Super Bowl fast approaching, all eyes are on the NFL and hottie/QB Tom Brady in the midst of a scandal that could prove to be the sports watergate of our generation. Gen X had Barry Bonds on steroids and we have Deflate-Gate. For all of you who don't obsessively check the ESPN app and read the Bleacher Report daily, here's the rundown. 

What's the problem?

The New England Patriots face accusations of intentionally intentionally deflating or underinflating the balls they used to play in last week's AFC championships.

Why do we care what these dudes do with their balls?

A flatter ball is supposedly easier to catch, throw, and hold on to. And that's basically the goal of football. 

Who dunnit?

The Patriots are pretty much blaming any and everybody that isn't on the field. The ball boy, the weather, etc. 

What's happening now?

The NFL is looking for literally any reason why these balls weren't blown up to the 12.5-13.5 PSI expected. Was it Tom Brady (the Quarterback)? Was it Bill Belchick (the coach)? Was it a crazy fan who made it up the ranks to ball boy just to deflate the balls slightly so he could see his beloved Pats go to their 9th Super Bowl?  We don't know, but the NFL is desperate to blame something or someone.

Actual words Tom Brady said. 

What's everyone saying?

Deny. Deny. Deny

Have people been handling the subject maturely and avoiding the obvious jokes?

Absolutely not. 


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