From The Desk of a Dorm Vice President

As everyone knows resident life at Notre Dame is something that makes it truly unique. No one else can boast the system we have. This past year I got the honor of serving as the Vice President of Badin Hall. I knew by the end of my first semester at ND that I wanted to make a difference in my dorm and run for Hall Gov. Yes, this all happened realtively quickly, so how did that all happen? As a kid who had never been on student council or run in an election? I guess I’ll start from the beginning.

Notre Dame was not always my first choice, shocker, I know, but I chose to come here because I felt the sense of community when I came back to visit in my final round of college tours. I felt the “team” vibe that I had always loved being a part of, I felt I would be taken care of and a part of something bigger than myself. Fast forward a few months and I end up in the smallest girls dorm that has won the dorm unity award the past few years. It could not have worked out better. However, freshmen year I had moments where I felt like I was one in 8,000. I didn’t know my purpose and as someone who always had a purpose I felt lost. But then…cue dorm life at Notre Dame.

Badin has given me a purpose. I absolutely love my dorm. I can’t really tell you how much I love my dorm, but it is probably why I was the vice president. I love the community that exists here, I love that I know almost everyone, I love that I would get text messages asking if people could put on their own events, lead their own walkovers, and even get a girl scout to come spread joy to us all by selling cookies. So many people in Badin want to contribute and just be involved - my job was easy.

I wanted to make a difference in my dorm. Obviously, it would seem the dream is to win Hall of the Year - the glorious Dome dance, the pride, the bragging rights, and initially this is what I thought. But I quickly realized, that how can this award really be given since every dorm on campus has a million wonderful things going on each day. Every dorm has a really cool charity they help; every dorm has their own traditions, spirit, and signature events. As Hall of the Year was defined to me, it really comes down to was your dorm the best version of itself in that particular year. That’s what is awesome about Notre Dame. There are a million incredible things going on in 29 buildings all the time that no one can really be the best, it can only outdo itself.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the dorm gov system, each week all the presidents and vice presidents meet at HPC (Hall Presidents’ Council) run by an executive board made up of past prezzes and vps. Here we learn about all the events happening on campus as well as get asked our opinions on things like campus safety emails, welcome weekend (aka Frosh-o), or how to get more students to pep rallies.

I loved HPC. I loved hearing the many creative things people were doing all the time, but I also loved the people I served with. Of course the people who choose to give their time to their dorm for a year are going to be awesome people and I made so many friends and connections that made my Notre Dame world a little smaller.

ND dorm life at its finest

It wasn’t just connections with my peers though, it was with adults on campus on as well. There are so many wonderful people working at this university who are willing to help us out. Trust me when I say just ask. Never be afraid to ask an adult and see what they can help you with - I have been taken aback by people’s generosity and support time and time again on this campus. It has also gotten me many deals on food which never is a bad thing.

Within my dorm, I got to know my rector better. Now it has gotten to the point where I will walk into her office and she will roll her eyes and ask what crazy idea I have now. However, I don’t always go to her with crazy ideas or request for the dorms credit card because I want to buy $100 worth of snack food for something, I now go to just chat because I have grown so close with her over this year.

The HPC Gang 

I am truly sad that my term is over, but I know I am leaving the dorm in incredibly great hands. Looking back on the year, I just hope that the women of Badin can say that they had a great time. I hope that they felt accepted into our community, I hope they felt loved, I hope they love this place, our little old building from 1892, and I hope Badin is more than just a dorm to them. If I accomplished this, than I can say I did my job.

For all you Notre Damers out there, embrace your dorm life. Take the time to know the people you are living in the same building with. Seriously, go to hall council once - if not just because there are probably snacks there, but because there is probably some event going on on campus that really impacts you. Get to now your prez and vp because they care about you, they want your dorm life to be a comfort to you. So if you have an idea, go ask to get it started. Be a part of the traditions and the history. As female dorms, our era of traditions is still growing and our network of alumni is just forming so dive into it and add your own so you can one day come back and smile and brag to the girls at your dorm’s concession stand that you once wore the mascot suit. Embrace the unique feature of Notre Dame that is our residence life.

Through the billions of emails, meetings, Rocknes, random requests, it has been a blast to be a vice president and I am so grateful to have found my Notre Dame in Badin Hall.

Shout out to Badin for the amazing things that they did this year and to HPC for helping to give me purpose on campus and in addition to some great friends!

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