Dear South Dining Hall, Please Bring Back Fajita Night

Dear South Dining Hall,

Please bring back fajita night! This amazing night that occurred approximately once every other week provided a beacon of gastronomic pleasure that helped us through all of our exams, papers, and projects. Good Mexican food is a rare find in the Michiana area, which makes fajita night all the more important.

We understand SDH needed to go through some changes; a new school year means a new and improved dining hall. We can survive the burger night and mac and cheese bar rotation moving to Thursdays instead of Wednesdays (even though that was a huge disappointment that first Wednesday), but we absolutely cannot endure without fajita night. SDH, you have really thrown us off with this one. As one student said, “South Dining Hall has played me more than any man,” (Sarah Powell, Class of 2020).

Please be ready SDH; the removal of fajita night may result in protests. We may even have a similar situation to the infamous Notre Dame Cap’n Crunch protest of 1983.

For those who don’t know this story, in the spring of 1983, a few dozen Notre Dame students protested the lack of Cap’n Crunch cereal in SDH. One student running for sophomore class officer decided to run his campaign promising a Cap’n Crunch party upon his victory. He contacted Quaker Oats to assist him in hopes of receiving a few boxes of free cereal. Quaker Oats was intrigued, and after talks with the administration, surprised the students by sponsoring a week-long festival that included treasure hunts, a visit from Cap’n Crunch himself, and of course, lots and lots of cereal.

If a few Notre Dame cereal protesters in 1983 can get Quaker Oats to sponsor a week-long Cap’n Crunch festival, then imagine the possibilities if the SDH regulars rallied together to get their fajitas. Perhaps a visit from the Princess of Peppers? Or the Titan of Tortillas? One can only dream of what would happen if we all stood in unison for our rights to fabulous fajitas.

There is the saying that all good things must come to an end, but fajita night is not just a good thing; fajita night is a great thing.

So, SDH, please bring back fajita night. We are begging you.


All SDH regulars


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