Darty Days: What to Bring to Your Favorite Outdoor Activity

Dressing the part of a Darty Master is easy - jorts, bro-tank, '80s style track jacket. But what on earth do you bring to a darty?! Here's my ultimate list of day party necessities. Grab your fanny pack and let's get drinking:

#DartyMaster from a young age

1. A hat

Hats are essential for outdoor partying. When the weather's nice, the last thing you want to a sunburnt nose. Opt for a sunhat or baseball cap to keep the sun off your face and scalp safe from harmful UV rays. 

Check out the hat on HCND editor Brooke

2. Sunglasses

Another sun necessity, but no less important, plastic sunglasses are fashionable and functional. Plus, they block the *haters*.

3. Hand sani

College parties in general are full of germs and questionable bathrooms. Do your part to not spread aroun a nasty strain of the ND Plague by toting along some hand sanitizer. My faves are the Bath and Body Works minis that run you five for $5 on a good day. 

Wow that chick looks like fun

4. Tissues

A little trick I learned while studying abroad, if you bring tissues with you, you never have to worry about if there will be toilet paper in the restroom. Better safe than sorry. 

5. Chapstick 

I'm a little nuts about sun protection apparently, but in all seriousness, chapstick will be a life saver if the elements pick up during darty season. No one wants wind or sun chapped lips for graduation pictures - not a good look. 

Dartyin, dartyin YEAH

6. Extra hair ties

You could spend all morning doing your hair, but a couple hours out under the clear blue sky and you'll be sweating like a sinner in church. No need to have that mane hang down on your back, by bringing an extra hair tie along, you eliminate the risk of limp, dead-looking hair. 

7. Koozie

 Keep that beer cold and your hand dry with an *exclusive* Her Campus koozie. Compact, durable, and fits in your fanny pack!

Dressed up my beer

8. Poncho

This seems silly, but with fickle South Bend weather, you can never be too sure of what the weather will bring. I highly recommend slipping a small rain poncho like this one in with your darty things. 

Have fun and stay safe, collegiettes! 


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Images courtesy of author and show the progression of HCND EIC Sara Spitt.