Course Selection Adventures

In advance:

  1. Check GPS

  2. Realize GPS is wrong and you totally took a second Philo class already

  3. Email your dean

  4. They brush you off and say it’ll be fixed eventually

  5. Shrug and move on, hoping you will be able to graduate

  6. Attempt to figure out if the cool sounding classes have the attributes you need

  7. Be disappointed when they don’t

  8. Make one schedule with which  you would actually enjoy and meet requirements

  9. Learn that your friend made seven alternate schedules

  10. Make one backup


The morning of:


  1. Set four alarms so you don’t sleep through your timeslot

  2. Wake up at 3 am from a nightmare that you overslept and missed your time slot

  3. Try and go back to sleep

  4. Wake up 15 minutes before your time slot

  5. Become immediately panicked that you computer is broken when it doesn’t immediately turn on

  6. It turns on just fine

  7. Panic because you never actually wrote down the CRNs from your mock schedules

  8. Go and find that mock schedule and write them down

  9. Load up your Pin so the second it hits your time you log in

  10. Immediately forget that the second tab has the CRN typing option

  11. Remember the above point

  12. Attempt to find out if that number was an 8 or a 0

  13. Get an angry red notification that at least one of the classes you wanted is full

  14. Panic and add the boring backup so you hit the credit minimum



  1. Feel generally meh about your ultimate schedule

  2. Email three different profs and departments about getting into an already full class

  3. Attempt to convince them you deserve a spot in that class

  4. Get put on an waitlist

  5. Stalk the course listing in case someone drops (can continue into early next semester)


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