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Cool and Sweet Like DQ: Danny Quigley

Meet Danny Quigley, junior from Mahopac, NY (pronounced mayo-pek). Now that he’s back from his summer in London, you can find Danny around campus (he’ll be the one in his Mahopec High School football sweatshirt), at his new off-campus crib planning a rowdy Chegs and Eggs event, or recording his own version of popular songs (you might be able to find his Dark Horse remix on the black market).

The Basics:

Year: Junior

Major: Chemical Engineering

Dorm: Dillion Hall originally, but now off-campus

Activities: Hesburgh’s Heroes co-founder and treasurer, interhall sports including lacrosse and broomball 

Relationship status: Single so hit him up!

What a sharp dresser!

The Favorites:

Favorite TV show? Current? Or Ever? 24 is my favorite TV show ever. I don’t have a current one. I’ve been watching 24 reruns for 15 years.

Favorite ice cream flavor? It’s got to be chocolate chip cookie dough.

Favorite form of social media? Probably Instagram.

Favorite book? Let’s see… I’ll say The Giving Tree. I read that before bed every night. I only read picture books.

Favorite celebrity? Um… Celebrity in general? Rob Gronkowski. I really want to be him when I grow up.

Favorite place to eat in South Bend?  Chipotle. 

Many friends! So popular!

The Old This or That:

North or south? South.

Fall break or spring break? Spring break.

On campus or off? Off campus.

Night in or night out? Night out.

The Student Side:

Why did you choose Notre Dame? It was the best school I got into and the people are pretty cool. Also the football. Yeah the football is pretty cool too.

Why Engineering? My mom made me do it. Well, and I guess I have always been interested in math and science.

Best place to study? The library.

How was studying abroad in London? It was great. First of all we studied at one of the best chemical engineering schools in the world, so that was awesome. Secondly, there is so much history in London. Most of the stuff there is older than our entire country. Just walking around everything is incredible.

What’s the deal with Hesburgh’s Heroes? It’s a club on campus my best friend Nate McKeon and I founded. It was really important to him and its something I really care about too. It’s a fundraising arm to help provide self-sustaining medical care in rural Ecuador. It’s a really good cause, and being able to use Notre Dame resources to raise awareness is amazing. I’m very passionate about it.

Danny and a fellow engineer

The Difficult Ones:

What is the hardest part about college? Trying to balance your time and stay sane, I think. Not even just with schoolwork but also extracurriculars and hanging out with your friends. Sometimes just making time for normal things like eating haha.

What is the most important thing your parents taught you? Probably to never give up. Follow your dreams and all that stuff.

Where will you be in 12 hours?  How about 12 years? Hopefully still asleep because I only got four hours last night haha. In 12 years, hopefully I’ll have a job and be well established. I’d like to have a wife and kids at that point. Maybe a dog. Maybe a ferret. Maybe a couple of sand crabs.

Thanks so much for the interview Danny and good luck with everything!




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Amanda is a junior in Lewis Hall. Marketing major working on a minor in Computing and Digital Technologies. Trying to live everyday with the same excitement as when she sees her food coming at a restaurant. Loves Girls on HBO, Taylor Swift (&her insane friend group), and Mexican food. Strong believer that roommates who nap together stay together.
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