A Collegiette Blessing

May your eyeliner be even
Your lipstick always fresh
May your shoes never be painful
And your nails never a mess
May your hair fall into place
Despite storm and windy weather
And in the heat of summer
Your sundress lighter than a feather
May your health routine 
Not contain a pesky diet
So when dessert is passed around
You never fail to try it
May your poise and grace 
Inspire suitors left and right
May your high class style
Stun and awe every night 
But overall my prayer for you
Is simple, classic, and sincere - 
May you be judged for your brains 
And when you speak, may others hear
May your confidence shine brightly 
In every situation 
And when you set a goal, 
May you reach your destination
As you grow and change, 
Be not held back by your past
And as you find yourself, 
May you find friendship that will last
I pray that everyday you know
How beautiful you can be
And do what makes you happy -
In life, your passion is the key
At this time in your life
Things are challenging and dark
But know that being true to yourself
Will help you pass the mark


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