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Chattin’ with Crystal Chen-Goodspeed, ’16

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.
Last week I spoke to Deandra Cadet, one of the people behind the scenes of this year’s Show Some Skin production. Today I’m talking to one of the actors – Crystal Chen-Goodspeed!
What’s your major at ND and why did you choose it?
After much deliberation and some drastic life changes I finally settled on Science-Business with a supplementary major in Medieval Studies. Don’t worry, my parents still ask me why I chose that combination and so far all I can say is that I want to get the most out of my time here at Notre Dame while expanding my future prospects. Life lesson 394: Follow your passions and love every minute of it.
Ain’t no party like a Gatsby party!
It’s a Friday night and you have nothing to do. What’s your go-to activity or hobby?
Well usually I love hanging out with my friends on the weekend because we always do the most random of things. However, if all else fails, I enjoy playing my cello and doing some creative writing/blogging (shameless plug: check it out at chenchenprobs.weebly.com!).
You’re an actor in this year’s Show Some Skin, why did you choose to audition?
I had always heard so much about the amazingness that was and is Show Some Skin. However, I never thought I could be a performer for the show since I didn’t have any experience with monologues. This year I was in Asian American Association’s annual Asian Allure where the director, my good friend Jen Ho, decided to model part of the show after Show Some Skin. My experience with performing someone else’s story opened my eyes. I found out that Show Some Skin was doing auditions near my dorm, so I went in and gave it my best shot. The rest is history and I am super excited for the show! I definitely recommend that y’all check it out! It will be in the Carey Auditorium (Club Hes) on Feb. 26-28! 
Crystal with her AAA family
As a biracial person, do you identify with one ethnicity more than another? How do you fill out application forms?
This has always been a problem and a blessing in my life. I am half Chinese and half Caucasian (a beautiful mix of Irish, Scottish, and English), but in my heart I don’t see myself as a split. Rather I am a mixture of cultures, stories, and ethnicities. My last name is reflection enough. My parents decided to combine their last names so that when I grew up, I could choose which side I related the most with. However, instead, I learned to embrace all parts of myself. Unfortunately when it comes to application forms where they ask me to check off which ethnicity I identify most with, I am always in a state of turmoil. That is like asking me which arm I like better or which parent I love more. It angers and upsets me that given the growing trend of multi-racial children in America, this is still an issue. When it comes to those situations, I always try to check the Other box though this makes me feel almost worse. I’m not an Other, I am me and there is no one I rather be. There definitely should be a ban on the generalization of ethnicity, because we all should embrace who we truly are. 
What’s still on your ND bucket list?
The first two things that come to mind are the Polar Bear Plunge and the annual Biathlon. Both involve the lake which I kind of have a fear of since I have never really experienced open water. However, college is the time to conquer my fears and jump in feet first. Besides those, I really want to get involved in all of the big cultural shows that are coming up this semester. I feel like it is the best way to experience a wide range of culture and meet people who are passionate about their ethnic background. 
Lastly, describe your personal style!
I am definitely not one for following trends. I kind of go with whatever is comfortable but has a feel of intensity to it. I am a huge spy thriller/action film fan, so I guess I derive some of my style from that. This being said, a few of my go-to effects are my black leather trench coat, a variety of ear cuffs, a very flamboyant western belt (got to show off that Texas pride), and black combat boots.
And she can sure walk a catwalk!
Thanks, Crystal!  Be sure to check out Show Some Skin on February 26, 27, and 28!
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