Catching Dreams and Taking Names: Caitlin Crommett '15

Months and months ago, I had the pleasure of chatting with senior FTT and enteurpenurship major, Caitlin Crommett. I was given Caitlin's name by a friend who knew Caitlin because of her involvement with DreamCatchers, a nonprofit organizatoin Caitlin founded while in high school. The organization is similar to the Make A Wish Foundation, but focuses on hospice patients. This organization, which started at Caitlin's high school, is now present in 13 states and has granted over 50 dreams to people in their final stages of life. Caitlin has big dreams - for the organization and for her own future!   

Quick Facts

Name: Caitlin Crommett

Hometown: Orange County, CA

Year: Senior

Major: FTT and Enteurpenurship

Dorm Allegiance: Walsh

ND Life

Favorite Domer dead, alive, or fictional? Regis Philbin

Who would you nominate as an honorary Domer? Meryl Streep

What is the highlight of your college career to date? It's a three way tie - Meeting Jon Bon Jovi, being in the NBC commercial, and filming the Irish Bachelorette!

What is the best class you've taken? Worst? The best was chatracter acting. The worst was first year micro economics.

Favorite spot on campus? The hill next to St. Joseph's Lake.

What is the number one item on your ND bucket list? Have Regis on NDtv!

What are your post-grad plans? To travel. I’d like to spend a year traveling with a company as a tour guide for Americans. Then, I'd work in a production company in LA. But right now it's super up in the air.

In 25 years, you will be: I’ll be…45? Hopefully, I’ll be acting in feature films, living the dream!

If you could give one verb of advice for current students, what would it be? Persist

Caitlin's Cause

What’s your cause? To highlight the people who are making changes in the world. 

In high school, you got involved in the creation of an organization called “DreamCatchers,” what is this organization and why did you feel the need to invest so much time in this cause?

DreamCatchers is a nonprofit dedicated to fulfilling the final dreams of hospice patients by bridging generational gaps and the community. I saw a hole in the community where two groups weren’t interacting and I found that, at that time in my life, highlighting this group was really important to me. Youth can learn so much from people in hospice. The two generations dont really interact but I love to see how DreamCatchers can bring them together. Passion really does the gap.

What would you like to see from DreamCatchers in the future? How do you plan to continue with organization after graduation?

We are in 13 States now. Over the summer, I did an East Coast expansion tour so we're in a lot of the East Coast schools now. We're all across the West Coast and in a couple in the Midwest. My biggest goal is to be as big as Make A Wish because that's geared toward children and this is obviously the other end of the spectrum. We are in high schools and colleges, but we can always be in more! I hope to manage for a bit then find a few passionate people to pass it on to, which we already have but we can be doing more! I always want to be involved and the face of DreamCatchers, but pass it on to actual managers. It will be continued! 

What is your favorite part of being involved in this organization?

I love getting the stories from students who are granting the dreams and hearing about how they are learning and interacting. They send me pictures and emails telling me about how meaningful it is to grant these dreams. It's changing their lives as well as the dreamers.

Show Irish

On campus, you’re also involved in NDtv. What’s the most rewarding part of being a member of student media?

The most rewarding part is being able to share something we’re all passionate about. Everyone at NDtv is working toward the same goal; sharing in that is aweomse. There's nothing better than being proud of the end result.

What exciting programming do you have planned for the year?

We want to do some more serious profiling. There are stories on campus we want to highlight. We are definitely looking to engage the campus and student body and to involve everyone more.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get involved in NDtv?

Join! Come to our meetings! We are trying to be a lot more present on campus and we are so open to new ideas! Anyone can start a new show! Otherwise, just watch NDtv channel 53! 

Thank you, Caitlin! Sorry it took five months to post this! HCNDxo


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All images courtesy of the interviewee