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Campus Celebrity: Meghan Till ’17

When I frantically texted Meghan Till asking her to be a Campus Celebrity, she quickly responded with a simple “yes.” You see, Meghan has had her eye on being featured on Her Campus for a while now, mostly as a part of a good-natured rivalry with campus cutie Breanna McDonald. Excitement and willingness to blindly jump into new experiences in combination with her infinite friendliness are what set Meghan apart.

A native of Alabama, Meghan considers herself to be Subway’s #1 customer and has never been hit by a bike on campus. Needless to say she’s has taken to life at Notre Dame as well as anyone could. When asked about her adventurous spirit, Meghan’s response was, like her, incredibly sweet and earnest. “I only have 4 (sic) years at the best campus in the world so my goal is to do everything I get my hands on.” Her mantra is only made more surprising when you find out that Meghan is an engineering major, a course of study that sends many an equally ambitious student to the recesses of the library only to be seen on their commute to class or Club Hes when you finally bring yourself over to study for finals or frantically write that pesky research paper you’ve been putting off. Even with such serious coursework, Meghan refuses to take herself too seriously and has an openness and ability to laugh at herself that anybody who still secretly feels like they’re going through their awkward phase would envy.

Meghan (3rd from right) and the Lewis Hall team at this year’s Fisher Regatta

“My rap name is Meggy T,” she tells us. “And in my basketball glory days my nickname was Shortie because there was (sic) three Meghans on the team and I was the shortest.” Meghan’s sweet humor makes you feel instantly comfortable, partly because she’s normally the only victim in her jokes. This tendancy toward self-deprication sometimes makes it hard to recognize that Meghan has accomplished a great deal in her short time on campus. She recalls her greatest accomplishment – having survived March 29, 2014: the day she ran the Holy Half, without having trained in nearly two months, and conquered bookstore basketball (as a membered of team “Dat Pass” whose name was sadly a victim of committee sensorship). 

Meghan (far right) and Dat Pass

Meghan’s openess and adventurous spirit are a gift to this campus. But we very well could’ve missed her. Notre Dame, she admits, wasn’t her first choice but had “always” been on her list. “That feeling of walking on campus and knowing I was home was what drew me here” she says. A heartfelt answer indeed, but true to form Meghan drops in her famous brand of humor at the last second by adding, “and that’s saying a lot because there is no Chick-fil-a on campus.”

Meghan finishing the Holy Half

One can assume that Meghan’s transition was pretty easy considering she only mentions having to ween herself off of Chick-Fil-A as well biting winter winds as the biggest drawbacks to life as a Domer. “My favorite part is living within walking distance of my best friends…the only drawback is the winter wind because no jacket can prepare me for South Bend winters.” This is how every conversation you have with Meghan goes, she’s a bright, happy, red haired beacon of positivity who can often offer sweet poignance coupled with a friendly punchline. You’re guaranteed to smile when you see Meghan. It’s what makes her a joy to know and why we feel like everyone should know and love Meghan Till of Hoover, Alabama.            

Meghan (left) post Cold Water Challenge

Author’s Note: Meghan is serious about trying everything that she can. She and friends Anna Schaffer and Sami Burr managed to attend every dorm mass and documented it on their blog, check it out would ya? 


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