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Campus Celeb: Juan Rangel

Juan Rangel is a Political Science and Latino Studies double major. He hails from Tamazula De Gorrdiano, Jalisco, Mexico and has spent most of his life in Kerman, California. When he arrived at Notre Dame, he was christened as a Siegfried Rambler and has proudly held this title for three years.

Juan is highly involved, but still enjoys the simple pleasures in life like meeting new people and dabbling in Latin dance. He serves as the Student Body Chief of Staff and President of the Student Coalition for Immigration Advocacy (Man, what doesn’t he do?). He is extremely dedicated to everything he does, but just like all of us, has no idea what he wants to do in the future.

Future plans?”

“No idea. I’ve been so focused on what I can do here and now to serve others that I haven’t given the future much planning. I’m not too concerned, though. Things will work themselves out.”

Career goal?”

“I’ve been switching throughout my time at Notre Dame and I still haven’t figured it out. I definitely want to do something that incorporates my passions of immigration and American politics. Besides that, whether I’m rich or poor, famous or unknown, in this country, or traveling around the world, as long as I’m serving others, I will be happy.”

“Random fact, you’d like to share?”

“My life goal is to enter a Latin dancing competition someday”

(Ladies, wanna learn to salsa?)


Juan’s friends say there are a LOT of perks to being his friend:

  1. He will laugh at any and all jokes you tell him no matter how bad. Sometimes he laughs more if they are that bad.

  2. He will always make time for you even if it means breaking his 11 pm bedtime.

  3. He will sometimes laugh at you instead of with you, but it’s in the most loving of ways.

  4. He will tell you how good you look even if you haven’t slept since the Old Testament.

  5. He will always have a conversation to hold with you even if it’s in that awkward passing-by-each-other-in-a-crowded-hallway period.

  6. He will always run to catch up with you even if it means looking like an idiot as people stare.

  7. And last but not least, Juan is genuine and he will be nothing but genuine with you, so you know his friendship is real.

If you see him around just say hi and possibly ask for an autograph! He’s going to be famous one day and if he isn’t famous, he still writes really prettily, so maybe he’ll write about you prettily, so it’s a win win situation. Your move!

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Political Science and Philosophy Major. Freshman at the University of Notre Dame.
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