C’mon Son!: Five Reasons You Should be Watching Psych

Psych is one of my favorite shows of all time and, in my opinion, criminally underrated. When I ask my friends if they have seen it, not only have they never watched a single episode, they haven’t even heard of it. Maybe you’ve never heard of it!

If that’s the case, allow me to introduce you to the best crime procedural with a psychic detective around (I’m looking at you The Mentalist). 

The premise of the show is that a man named Shawn Spencer is incredibly good at deductions and observations and so works for the Santa Barbara Police Department as a consultant. The catch? He says he is a psychic detective and pretends to have “premonitions” about the clues. He and his childhood best friend Gus open a psychic detective agency called Psych. There are so many reasons to love this show, but I have picked my top five that are sure to pique your interest.

  1. 1. The On-Screen Duo of the Century

    Meet Psychic Detective Shawn Spencer and his friend Magic Head. Or The Jackal. Or Bud from The Cosby Show. Or his real name Burton Guster. They are together from episode 1 to episode 120 and argue a million times in between. 

    Their dynamic is chaotic, deep and absolutely hilarious. Between their whisper arguments and 80s references and general shenanigans, these two will keep you laughing and are the ultimate example of how to write best friends realistically. The show would simply not be Psych without Shawn and fearless Guster.

  2. 2. Theme Song

    I know that you know  That I’m not telling the truth

    This song will get stuck in your head the moment you hear it, and it will certainly make you stick around for the opening credits. The song is “I Know You Know” by The Friendly Indians, whose lead singer, Steve Franks, is the creator of Psych. It is a cheeky reference to the dynamic between Shawn and the detectives he works with around his psychic abilities, and it is simply a good song in its own right. 

  3. 3. Tribute Episodes

    Not only do Shawn and Gus constantly reference a treasure trove of films and bands, but the show itself uses certain episodes to pay tribute to popular works that the creators love and are inspired by. 

    There’s a Friday the 13th episode, called “Tuesday the 17th,” an episode dedicated to The Shining, called “Heeeeere’s Lassie” and so many more. These episodes keep the show’s signature humor (it is a comedy at its core) but add in references or styles from whatever it is they are referencing. 

  4. 4. Psych the Musical

    Yes, there is a musical episode. With song and dance numbers. It’s incredible.

  5. 5. Lassie and Jules

    Everyone’s favorite detective pair that doesn’t lead to a relationship. These two are about as platonic as it gets, but they have each other’s backs like nobody’s business. They often butt heads with Shawn and Gus, but they do what it takes to get the job done.

I hope this has convinced you to start binge-watching this amazing comedy! It’s not on Netflix, but it is on Amazon Prime so get started!

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