Bold Lipstick Colors for 2015

Last semester, I wrote an article about how much I love wearing red lipstick. I wrote about red lipstick because it is my go-to color for any days when I just feel I need a little pick-me-up. That said, I love wearing all sorts of bright, bold lipstick colors and I think in 2015, I should continue to broaden my horizons.

Here’s a list of four bold, bright, and exciting lipsticks for the year of 2015. Maybe you’ll try one of them, maybe all of them, maybe none of them. But I think any one of them could be the confidence booster red lipstick has already proven to be for me.

1.  Dark purple

I should start this particular section off with a small disclaimer: I’ve worn and loved dark purple lipstick for several years now. I’ve just been biding my time until I had an excuse to defend it as fashionable. When InStyle chose purple as their 'color of the year' I decided I now had some way to defend myself. Plus, Mac just released a fabulous new deep purple called “Gunner”—you might have seen it making the rounds on Twitter as a lipstick color to match the color of your soul. I don’t know about that but I do know that it’s a great way to make any look stand out.

2.  Matte bright pink

Once again, my favorite shade of this is a Mac lipstick. It’s called “Flat Out Fabulous” and if that name doesn’t hook you right in, I’m not sure what will. The nice thing about a bright pink is that it goes with a larger number of outfits than a dark purple (when I go for purple, I always find myself picking out an outfit for the color). But this color is the perfect one for brightening up any outfit—it’s not quite as out there but just as fun.

3.  Marsala

If you’re not up for the color commitment that either of the above two are, this color is for you. It’s a little more subtle but still bold enough to make a statement. This color was announced as Pantone’s Color of the Year and it’s definitely worth a try. Elf makes a color they call “Ravishing Rose,” which is essentially this tone. This one really is perfect with any outfit.

4.  Deep red

If you’re not quite ready to let go of traditional red lipstick, try shaking it up just a little bit with this deeper shade. The tone shone here is once again a Mac color. The color is darker and stands out a bit more than the typical shade of red but it adds a nice twist. It reminds me a little bit of my mother’s favorite Clinque product, which is a nail polish in Black Honey. That, of course, also comes in a lipstick but the color isn’t quite as dark.

5. Nude

Typically, I like to go for bold tones with my lipstick but there’s something about this idea that draws me in. We all know that nude heels are a classy go-to (thank you Kate Middleton) but I’d never thought about trying it on my lips. It would seem like it might wash you out, but I think in the right situation, this color could be a great way to make a classy, subtle statement. 


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