Best of Black Friday Tech, Beauty and Fashion

I've always been under the impression that the most successful, and perhaps only successful, Black Friday shoppers go in with a game plan. Take my sister, for example. The night before Thanksgiving, she’s researching all the major department stores in our mall, taking note of what they’re selling, how much it’s discounted and what time she needs to arrive to get the steal. There's also my mom—my online shopping role model. She absolutely SCOURS the Internet, hunting for the biggest discount, the fastest and cheapest shipping and whether she can trust the website’s promises. But for Christmas shopping procrastinators like me, Black Friday just feels overwhelming. The day after Thanksgiving, I don’t even know who is on my list, much less what I’m gifting them or where I might find it. In the spirit of self-improvement, however, I’m trying to plan ahead this Christmas season (at least a little), which is why I’ve comprised the following list of gift inspiration and major discounts on some of the top tech, beauty and fashion ready and waiting for some wrapping paper and a spot under the tree.

  1. Everyone needs an Amazon device! The Echo Dot is like a mini Amazon Alexa, perfect for a college student's dorm room. Just like the Alexa, you can ask your Echo questions about anything from the weather this morning to the founding year of the Napoleonic Code. You can also connect your Echo to your phone and use it as a Bluetooth speaker to play music, listen to news podcasts and more. 

  2. Trust me, whoever’s on your list that you’re thinking might need a Keurig absolutely does. I wouldn’t survive without mine—or I would just be dismally broke from having to buy coffee all the time—but they’re perfect for even the non-caffeine-addicted among us. Especially in the winter months, Keurigs are the perfect source for warm drinks in the comfort of your own home. From steaming up some hot water for tea to experimenting with fun mocha lattes or vanilla cappuccinos to warming up after a winter walk with some classic hot cocoa, Keurigs can do it all and everybody needs one.

  3. These are so freaking pretty I want to buy myself a pair! We all know those walks across campus in the single-digit-degree weather are genuinely painful without a source of distraction, and what better way to focus on something other than the cold than having your favorite music coming through a beautiful pair of noise-canceling headphones? Plus, the pretty rose-gold color will make sure that the look of the headphones won’t detract from your cute outfit for class!

  4. Eyeshadow palettes are one of those things that everybody needs but never asks for, and with reason. Let’s be real: $60 when you know you’re probably only going to use two of the colors every time seems a little excessive—which is why this 50% off deal from Sephora is practically a gift in and of itself!

  5. I know, I know—she put another eyeshadow palette on here? But ladies, you need options! While the Too Faced palette offers a broad range of color options for your makeup-artist-in-training or Youtube makeup tutorial-loving relative or friend, the Naked3 palette uses neutral, more natural-looking colors for a subtle look. For the girl who takes 5 minutes to get ready for a night out, this will make her prep time just a little more exciting, but not overwhelming.

  6. This is THE gift for the skincare obsessed! As a set, you’re really getting (or giving) a lot for your money, making this a truly valuable gift for a close relative or friend. Because of the usually high price tag and somewhat experimental nature of some of the products, this is one of those things that your loved one probably wouldn’t buy for herself but secretly believes she needs in order to save her skin! So, be her Santa Claus savior this year and give the gift of a luxurious bedtime skincare routine.

  7. I can’t get over how cool these look. I know that whenever I add anything leather to my outfit, I immediately feel ready to take on the world. So give the gift of style, comfort and empowerment with these awesome leggings—absolutely perfect for your fashionista friend!

  8. Ah, the joy of receiving a beautiful new bag, and a Marc Jacobs one at that! This tote is so versatile and chic, it’s really perfect for any occasion and any place. If you’re looking to give a lush gift for a loved one but don’t really have any specific ideas, this bag is absolutely perfect! Not to mention, the discount is so huge it would practically be a sin to pass it up.

  9. I’m not sure why, but I look at this bag and immediately think of having brunch in the city. It’s the perfect size to not be too imposing but still make a little statement! For the girl on your list who’s always going out to cute restaurants and cafes, this bag is the most adorable and fitting gift! 

  10. Alright, HC readers—I know we all love Kate Spade’s organizational prowess! I’m completely head over heels for everything in the Desk & Stationery section of the website. For the Girlboss on your list, have some fun perusing the website and finding her the perfect addition for her get-it-together vibe!

Happy Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) shopping, ladies!