The Best and Worst of Fashion Month SS16

The end of September means that fashion month has sadly come to a close. New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and finally Paris Fashion Week all featured the best and brightest designer setting the tone for this spring/summer season. There were so many amazing shows and events that happened this month but not all of them were instagram worthy. Check out the two best and the two worst fashion shows of the season. 

Chanel: Best

Chanel had its audience flying in style at their airport themed fashion show, welcoming everyone to Chanel Airlines. When the show began, airplane sounds made it seem like you were actually in an airport. To start the show a group of male models dressed as flight attendants emerged in amazing suits.

As the show began, models walk out wearing textured, colourful outfits. They all wore a mask of blue eyeshadow across their face which brought unity to the entire show. A few models proved that backwards hats can be worn by people other than alumni and O’Neill guys.

Also a lot of models had jackets wrapped around their waist which is a perfect way to top off an outfit. The show ended with Karl Lagerfeld emerging to take his bow. Cara Delevigne jumped out of her seat and joined him as he walked off the runway. Cara announced earlier this year that she would no longer be modeling and this was one of her first times watching from the sidelines.

Chanel, like always, topped the charts. This show is a must-see for all fashion aficionados.

Givenchy: Worst

Ok, so the first problem with this fashion show was the location. Givenchy is known for being one of the best Parisian brands. I am completely unsure of why they decided to have their fashion show in New York this season.

The clothes were extremely simple and boring. There were lots of blacks and whites and not much shape. Instead of the upbeat music usually used at fashion shows, an opera singer wailed in the background.

The way the catwalk was set up was extremely awkward. The models walked up a short set of stairs and then immediately back down. The heels the models were wearing were extremely high and wobbled as they walked. This show was the most talked about during fashion week not because of the fashion but because Candice Swaneopoel, famous Victoria Secret model, tripped and fell on the catwalk. With the impossible stairs and shoes it is completely understandable that this would happen to her. Candice’s fall did nothing but draw attention to other flaws in the show, and she isn't the only model who went down that night. She handled it well by putting out the most perfect Instagram possible.

Phillip Plein: Best

Phillip Plein is a German designer known for putting an emphasis on the word “show” in fashion show. The reason this show was so remarkable is because it had a meaning besides what was on the surface. The entire show was done with models standing on a conveyur belt. As the belt moved accessories are added to them, such as sunglasses and handbags, as if they are on an assembly line.

Plein told Vogue, that “our life today is dominated by machines and electronic gadgets…without our gadgets it is really hard these days for us to survive.” The entire show was meant to be a comment on our society’s dependency on technology. The show opened with my personal favourite model, Pyper America Smith. Pyper is wearing a skin tight silver dress that is insanely flattering.

The entire show featured Phillip Plein’s usual punk rock look, with lots of studs and black colors. Every single look on the catwalk was totally wearable and can make anybody look intimidating in an amazing way.

Moschino: Worst

Caution! You really might want to stay away from Moschino this season. Flashing lights and awkward music started as the lights revealed a catwalk that appeared to be a construction scene. If I wanted to see that, I would just take a stroll past Notre Dame Stadium.

Models began to walk the catwalk in hideous shades of yellow and orange, that are honestly not flattering at all. As the show went on the fashion only got worse and worse. Models begin to come out wearing traffic cones as hats. Why would anyone think this is a good idea?! Some models appeared wearing shirts that said “slippery when wet.” Is that necessary?

Other models were wearing nothing but construction tape. At this point, I thought I was watching a bad episode of Project Runway. The worst part of the entire show would have to be when a giant yellow puffball came onto the runway. How could anyone ever imagine actually wearing this? Don’t get me wrong, I love Jeremy Scott, the designer of the show, but in this context the entire message he was trying to send was destroyed.  I have never been so glad to see a fashion show end.  

Ok, so not every show was amazing but after witnessing such a great season it's safe to say we are all on the edge of our seats for what is to come next fashion month.

See you then!

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