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“Beauty and the Tarzan”?

Remember that Disney movie where a non-human man and a human woman fall in love, only to find out that he’s actually human?
The movie opens with a male protagonist who believes he is not human because of an important female figure:
He spends a large portion of his life with other non-humans in a place far away from civilization, separated from people. Throughout the film, he struggles with his identity.
Enter the female protagonist, a beautiful, bookish woman who slays in bright yellow, 
Along with her eccentric father,
And an uber-masculine hunter who thinks he owns the place.
The protagonists of the story meet. The female protagonist is afraid at him at first, but she slowly begins to see him, first as a friend and then as her one true love. The male protagonist experiences similar feelings, but is unsure how to behave because of his limited experience with other humans; he is only sure that he loves her. 
In the meantime, the male protagonists’ friends have fun making music:
And the protagonists bond over a dance.
Eventually, after a long stay in the male protagonist’s domain, the female protagonist has to go back home. The male protagonist is very sad about her departure.
That’s when the evil hunter ruins everything, imprisoning the female protagonist and her father. He then leads an attack on the male protagonist’s home and friends. The hunter and the male protagonist face off in battle. The male protagonist is wounded, but he has the upper edge, being on home turf. The male protagonist overpowers the hunter and gets the opportunity to finish him off, but he doesn’t give in to temptation.
It’s a win-win for the male protagonist, because the hunter manages to get himself killed anyway.
After the battle, the female protagonist sees the humanity within the male protagonist and his companions. She and her father decide to stay in the male protagonist’s home, and the male and female protagonists live happily ever after.
The end. 
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Katie Surine

Notre Dame

Katie is a senior (where did the time go???!!!) living in Lewis Hall. From Baltimore, MD, Katie is pursuing a double major in Vocal Music and Anthropology. Besides writing for HCND, she sings with Opera Notre Dame, choral groups, and she is a pianist for Lewis Hall weekly Mass and Lucenarium, or "Luce" for short. Other interests include baking, reading, traveling, composing, and all things Italian.
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