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Beat the Post-Break Blues

1. Create a routine again. And find out your friends’ new schedules. Heck, you won’t even have time to get homesick!

2. Reconnect with fall acquaintances that you won’t necessarily run into in the spring, and if all other conversational attempts fail, just ask the usual question: “How was break?”

3. Bring the excitement of the football games to basketball games for the Notre Dame Men’s Basketball Team and the Lady Irish.

4. Take up an intramural sport to meet new people or congregate with friends. In college, there’s a wonderful combination of high school sports stars and the “Uh-I-haven’t-played-since-2nd-grade” types, but that makes it a whole lot more fun!
5. Incorporate your New Years’ Resolutions into your spring semester schedule right away (so you don’t forget about them!).

6. Take a second look at clubs you wanted to get involved with in the fall but simply didn’t have enough time to try.

7. Don’t cut all ties with home. Text, call, and send notes to people back home as a way of keeping comfort close.
8. Jump-start your daily endorphins with a 10-minute pre-breakfast workout, maybe not even sweating. It’s a natural caffeine boost!
9. Don’t be a stranger! Try to meet a couple people in your classes and make sure your professor knows your name in a month or two. You never know what perks that could get you.
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An avid writer since I learned to form complete sentences, I write off the cuff to entertain, to humor, and to inspire. As a freshman on the Notre Dame campus, I'm here to offer a fresh (no pun intended) perspective on college life and provide prevalent information on how to get into the collegiate scene.
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