All the Things You Have to Do Over Thanksgiving

If you are heading home for Thanksgiving, there is an extensive list of all you want or have to get done in such a short time frame.  Half of them are things you want to do, half are required family obligations. And then your profs decided to assign homework over break...

1. Clean your entire house

Somehow, even though you haven’t been home since Fall Break or August, you are required to clean the basement. There is no way you could have messed up the basement. Just why.

2. Make food

Prepping for a Thanksgiving feast is always an adventure, and the dining hall has totally spoiled you and you’re out of practice.  You probably can make, like the mashed potatoes, right?

3. Write three papers

Finals are impending, and you may even have papers due in the next two weeks.  Thanksgiving, a sacred time for family and friends is not protected from the doom that is the end-of-semester project.

4. Attempt to do readings

This only requires sitting alone for a few hours, but that is impossible.  Everyone is asking for your time, but the reading seems like the one thing you can put off. Until it’s 10 PM Sunday night and you have an entire novel to read.

5. See all the relatives

Too many people haven’t seen you in, like, a year, and so you get to field a lot of questions from people who maybe know your name and definitely don’t remember how old you are or what your major is.  But they are totally going to interrogate you about your future!

6. Sleep in

All you want to do is sleep.  Except, you still can’t reprogram your brain to be sleepy before midnight, and then you are expected to be awake at an early hour, like 8 AM, under the guise that it is a ‘reasonable hour.’ No, I would reasonably like to sleep until 10 AM, at least.

7. Visit friends from home

If you managed to maintain any relationships with old friends from the neighborhood or high school, you must frantically coordinate schedules and family obligations to try and find an hour or two to spend together.  But if you can make it, it is the best catching up on months you missed and learn what just couldn’t be covered in a text.


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