Accepting a Midwestern "Spring" as told by The Lizzie Bennett Diaries

Spring is here! Or sort of. The calendar says that the first day of spring was Friday March 20th, but the amount of snow I scraped off my car Monday, March 23rd seriously begs to differ. Of course, since then it hasn't been quite so cold and the would-be snow is just rain, but the stubborn piles of snow just keep reminding me that winter isn't quite ready to let South Bend go yet. Luckily, "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" knows just how this feels. 

As midterms finally finished and everyone got ready to leave campus for spring break, you looked forward to a week of sunshine and were cautiously hopeful that spring would have sprung by the time you get back. 

You finally leave campus for break and if you were going somewhere warm, you let yourself finally melt after the cold spell that was all of February. 

When Friday finally rolled around, you realized you had to return to campus (and the South Bend weather). 

You wanted to believe that the weather would be on your side, but you were pretty sure you knew South Bend too well for that.

But surprise surprise, when you returned to campus the weather was — dare I say it — nice. 

The first Monday back to classes was so beautiful, you actually thought spring might have arrived in the Bend.

You insisted on considering the rest of the week spring, even though the weather was steadily getting colder and colder.

And when the first day of spring rolled around, you realized it actually hadn't been that cold. 

But when you checked the next week's weather forecast, you realized it wasn't quite so good. 

You refused to bring out all your winter gear again all weekend in denial.

But Monday rolled around and the snow was no joke.

You took it in stride. Sort of. 

Eventually, you got yourself under control.

Put on all of your snow gear.

And let go of the fact that Google insisted it was already spring.

You knew the snow couldn't last long.

After all, the warm weather stuck around for a while.

You tried not to think about all the things you didn't do outside on Monday.

A little bit of snow wasn't too much of a setback.

The next day, you hoped it would be gone.

But were okay when it wasn't. 

After all, it wouldn't really be spring if the snow didn't reappear once in a while.

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