7 Phrases to Secure a Second Date

1. "Oh my gosh there was such a long line in the bathroom!"

In reality, I was probably curling my eyelashes or giving myself a mid-date pump up speech in the mirror, but I don’t want you to think I was doing anything of the sort. Luckily, this line buys you all the time you need.

2. Casually bump your hand into his while walking side by side (Okay not a phrase you say, but one you act out!)

The bump will surely trigger a hand-hold, and if it doesn’t he might just be clueless. Have no fear though, some of the best guys aren’t the best at picking up on clues like that, but after about three bumps he should get the hint!

3. "Maybe let's save the garlic fries for next time!"

Boom. Not only are you solidifying a future hang, but also you’re ensuring that your goodnight kiss won’t be tainted by the unbearable odor of garlic!

4. "I'm so cold"

AKA gimme your jacket. And you can bet your bottom dollar you aren't getting that back for as long as this is working out. Having a guy’s jacket is the best because it gives you a tangible reminder of him when you wear it! Plus, guys definitely love feeling big and when you’re practically swimming in their oversized jacket they definitely will!

5. "People say I have really (small or big) hands…what do you think?”

Boom. Before you know it you’ve entered into a cute Disney movie moment where your hands are touching... and if sparks don’t fly the very second your hands touch you might just have to call it quits.

6.. **If you absolutely must look at your phone** “Sorry my mom texted me!”

Hey, maybe you’re updating your friend on how the date is going or maybe you’re a risk-taker and you’re trying to subtly send your friend a snap of your newfound romance, regardless the mom card is always a great one to pull. Why? It shows you have a great relationship with your family – always a great attribute!

7. If it’s going really, REALLY, REALLY well. “I really like you.”

I’ve never been a fan of playing games and trying to convince someone you don’t actually like them when you really do. I think it shows maturity if you’re willing to buck up and tell someone how you feel, even if you’re scared. Don’t force it. if it's not there. But if it is, go for it!

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