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6 Things You Should Know When Booking Travel in Europe

You always hear that one of the amazing perks of studying abroad in Europe is that it’s easy and cheap to travel to other countries within Europe (weekend trips, anyone??). This is often true, but there are lots of details to keep in mind when planning and booking your travel. You’ll want to make the most of your quick trips, and these tips are sure to help you get started in the planning process:

Find your travel buddies

Try to find some friends that also want to explore other cities! Traveling can be safer, easier and more fun with a few friends. Plus, you’ll need people to take pics with!!

Look at budget airlines

Flights can be crazy cheap in Europe when you use the right airlines! Check out RyanAir, Vueling and EasyJet. These are some of the most common budget airlines in Europe. If you’re lucky, you can find flights for less than 20 euros!

Planes, trains, and automobiles (Be aware of your travel to and from the airport)

Keep in mind that when you travel, you’ll want to plan out and book trains and Ubers to get you to and from the airport at the right time. Planning ahead will avoid unnecessary expenses and stress!

AirBnB, anyone?

AirBnB is the KEY to smart travel in Europe, whether you’re by yourself or with a big group. The website is easy to navigate and, with a little searching, you can find the perfect place within your budget. 

Plan which sites you want to see (you want to make the most of your time!)

Make a list of all of the sites, monuments, foodie spots, shopping, etc. that you know you want to visit while you’re in a particular city. It will make planning your days much more straightforward!

Do ALL of your research ahead of time and keep track of it!

Traveling on a college student’s budget in Europe can seem like an impossible puzzle to try and put together, but if you take the time to research and plan thoroughly, you can truly make the most of your quick trips. Not to mention, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime!

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