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6 Female-Only Songs to Add to Your Pre-Pregame Playlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.



We all do it. We all try to find that perfect song to listen to while getting ready for school, while in the shower or while putting on mascara for a night on the town. Each mood is different, but one thing always remains the same: we want to feel powerful. 

Recently, I have jumped on the collaborative playlist train on Spotify. I have playlists with all of my friends sharing new music, old but rediscovered music and just plain weird music. One of my favorite playlists is entitled “girls car” and has hundreds of jams and bops to keep a car full of females entertained for 10 hours. From this playlist and many others, here is a short list of songs by female singers for any type of pre-pregame mood!


“Wide Open Spaces” x Dixie Chicks

Genre: Country

A classic coming-of-age song for ALL girls. I enjoy listening to this to inspire me to follow my heart and chase my dreams because let’s be real – we all need some new faces in our lives.


“Drops of Jupiter” – Live/2011 x Taylor Swift

Genre: Live pop

Yes, this is a Train song. Yes, this seems off-brand for 2019 Taylor Swift. No, I do not care. This rendition is AMAZING. A friend of mine describes the song as sassy, sarcastic and full of eye rolls. Confused? Taylor’s twang as she belts “did you fall from a shooting star?” makes it seem as if the song is about a boy who left to “find himself,” but Taylor knows he’s missing out on a lifetime of love for a small adventure that will fall short of expectations.


“Good Kisser” x Lake Street Dive

Genre: Indie Pop

This song is perfect for the night that you take your friend out on the town after a boy breaks her heart and pretends as if their relationship didn’t mean anything. It’s also great to sing along to with your friends (or by yourself) into a hairbrush.


“Daddy Lessons” x Beyonce, Dixie Chicks

Genre: Country

Yes, Beyonce AND the Dixie Chicks. This troupe of talented women has combined to give the world one thing: this song. It’s catchy beat and lyrics will have you feeling strong and confident for the festivities you’re preparing for.


“Go to Town” x Doja Cat

Genre: Hip Hop

A vibin’ song that will 100% get you dancing. You’ll feel powerful and in control after this hypersexual track blasts from your speakers. However, this isn’t a great one to play when parents are around.

Also, check out her song “MOOO!”


“Screwed” (feat. Zoë Kravitz) x Janelle Monáe

Genre: Funk, contemporary R&B, pop

I love a good Janelle song – I really can’t help myself. Women are powerful and the world is trying to change that. The funky, sexy sounds produced in this song will empower you to be fierce in whatever you happen to be preparing for, especially if boys are around.


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