5 Instagram Accounts for the Basic Bitch Inside of Us All

Nothing wrong with succumbing to your inner basic bitch every now and then. Get that skinny caramel macchiato. Bust out those Uggs. They’re comfortable as heck. The things we’ve labelled as being for “basic bitches,” because they’re popular, but it doesn’t mean we still can’t like them.


This account feeds your Target addiction from the comfort of your own home. Their Instagram stories are basically like a virtual shopping trip. They scope out the newest stuff for you, so you can at least try to go in to the store with a sense of purpose. This level of Target obsession might be a tad bit unhealthy, but hey, we’re only human.


Woof Crush Wednesday 😍🐶 #hotdudeswithdogs

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Hiking Buddies 🐶😍 #hotdudeswithdogs

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Pretty self-explanatory.


Happy Valentine’s Day!! XOXO

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Let’s be clear -- Lauren Conrad is not a basic bitch. Far from it. She’s the OG reality queen (before reality TV became trashy af). But her account, which features tidbits of her life, home decor, fashion and more, all with a flawless millennial pink aesthetic, is required following for girls everywhere trying to be just as chic and pretty as her.


Keep working, ladies 💫

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US😇 vs YOU👿 #NDvsUSC #goIrish #beatTrojans

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We all need a nice inspirational quote or dome pic once in a while. 


Snuggle sesh. #coffeenclothes #☕️👕 @jelena.marija

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This account is perfectly catered for basic bitches. It does everything I wish I could do on Instagram; puts together perfect outfits, takes a picture of a nice cup of coffee before taking the first sip, makes a bed look like a photoshoot set. If you too have yet to master the art of a posed candid, you can follow this account instead.

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