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Girl-friend dates are SO underrated. Why waste your time on first dates with random “Tinder” guys when you can have a much better time with your best friends? Here is a comprehensive list of the BEST best friend dates you can go on in and near South Bend this spring!

Charcuterie Picnic

Grab a blanket, put on your favorite spring-time mini dress, and make your way to Bambers, the local Italian grocery store. Pick out some cheese, meats, crackers, a baguette and some sparkling lemonade. Then head towards one of the many parks that sits along the river and set up camp! Don’t forget to bring your polaroid or a disposable camera to capture the moment! 

Game Night

The best kind of game night is one with variety. Everyone should bring their favorite board games, card games and video games so there are options to choose from. My personal favorites are Monikers, Mario Kart, Euchre and Cards Against Humanity!

Spa Night

I know communal bathrooms are not the most glamorous of places, that’s why we’re all in need of an energizing and rejuvenating spa night. Stock up on store-bought face masks, or get ingredients to make your own – I like to use aloe and activated charcoal with a couple drops of tea tree oil. Pool together your nail polish and give each other a fresh set of nails. Give your hair a nourished look by using a hair mask!

Ninja Golf

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like! This ninja themed mini putt-putt spot has three different courses, a Japanese inspired garden, a laser maze and Japanese treats. It’s okay to rouse the little kid inside every once in a while!


About 40 minutes east of campus, Shipshewana is a cute rural Amish town you have to visit! In Davis Mercantile, you’ll find a fabric store, antique store, an off-brand REI, a merry-go-round, a candy store and SO MUCH more! Along the streets, you’ll find boutiques, bakeries and shops selling various hand-crafted goods. I highly recommend taking a horse-drawn carriage around the town to make yourself familiar with the area.

Libby O'Brien

Notre Dame '24

Libby O'Brien is a first year at Notre Dame with a major in psychology and a possible minor in design. She is a self-proclaimed iced chai enthusiast who spends most of her time watching interior design shows, hang drying flowers, and plotting to travel the world.