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4 Trends That Are Breaking the Rules of Fashion

From time to time I find myself flipping through fashion magazines. From time to time, this is during my Business Law class…but that’s another story entirely (don’t worry Dad, sometimes I read The Wall Street Journal during class, too). Whether I’m lucky enough to accidentally be sent a random magazine (like when I received a subscription to InStyle addressed to me for like 4 months…), or someone else’s gets put in my mailbox (my sincerest apologies to whomever used to live in my room, I cannot resist a free Allure magazine) or even if I’m looking online, I’ve noticed some strange trends appearing recently.  Some are from huge designers like Chanel changing the rules of fashion. Others, like white denim in winter, are simply shifting what is the norm in fashion.


1. Pumps and Socks

Aren’t socks and sandals like the number one fashion faux pas of all time?! We won’t count the 2007 hottest trend of Adidas slip on sandals and socks at Novi Middle School. No one should be held accountable for what she wore in middle school. Anyway, I stumbled upon this article in Elle magazine that cites 11 ways to wear socks and pumps.

So maybe it’s not exactly the same as socks and sandals, but the overall look is similar. With the return of the ‘80s low-heeled pump, apparently “stylish socks” come with. Clearly, I’m not a fan of the look; I think it would be comfy (and warm in this tundra) but I’m not so sure about the aesthetic of a chunky sock and classy pump. Most pairings included an expensive designer shoe (Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino, Marc Jacobs) with an average pair of socks for not more than $12.


2. Tennis Shoes and Evening Dresses

Like the few girls at prom who didn’t want to wear heels, I found an article in Glamour that showcased how both Chanel and Dior’s spring 2014 runway collections in Paris paired evening dresses with tennis shoes.  Dior went for bedazzled “water-shoe-esque designs” while Chanel went with sequined running shoes (also knee and elbow pads and fanny-packs in some cases?). Unlike the strange 80s throwback pairing of socks and pumps, I kind of like this. It reminds me of my days when I would wear skirts almost daily but also only wear my Nikes.

Disney World circa (2010)

 It could instantly turn a moderately fancy knee-length dress into a daytime dress.  AKA the perfect way to not change clothes before going out at night (#lazygirlprobz).  Wear the dress with a cardigan and running shoes during the day, add some dark eyeshadow and pumps (sans socks) and lose the cardigan and boom…ready for a night out in 2.7 seconds.

Pairing a dress and tennis shoes is the perfect way for dress lovers (like yours truly) to get more use out of dresses that would otherwise be sitting lonely in a closet waiting for a special occasion.


3. Turtlenecks and Sundresses

I don’t really have words. Maybe I still hate dislike turtlenecks from back in the day when my mom made me wear them (sorry, Mom), but I do not think it’s cute.  I found an article delineating ways to wear spring/summer articles of clothing in the winter. I wish I could remember where I saw this article, but alas I do not. However, I do remember one of the ways was to wear a turtleneck under a sundress. To my surprise, when I googled “turtleneck and sundress” a million pictures, articles, and yahoo answers pages came up. Which begs the question: “why is this a thing and who started it?”

If you are one of the brave souls who likes the idea/can pull it off, more power to ya—but you’ll likely never see me sporting this wacky combination.


4. White in Winter

This, I am a fan of. No white after Labor Day is a rule of the past, and as such, not only is it acceptable to wear white pants in winter, but entire white outfits according to this Elle article. The ways to wear white denim include outfits made entirely of white, black and white outfits, and white outfits with a pop of color. Each is great and could pose to be a nifty way to spice up the repetitive clothing repertoire of winter (raise your hand if you’re sick of jeans and sweaters).

I have a pair of white skinny jeans and I think they’re just as cute with a sweater and my hot pink Valentino rainboots in winter as they are with a pair of Sperrys and tanktop in the spring.  White, while a light summer color, can most definitely double as a winter color (snow is white, n’est-ce pas?). So, embrace your inner snow bunny, and bust out those white pants from the back of your drawer that you thought couldn’t see the light until April!

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Alison is a sophomore Finance major at the University of Notre Dame. Her activities include working as a barista at Starbucks, dancing on the ND Dance Company and spending too much time trying to pick out clothes. Her goal in life is to be Audrey Hepburn, but if that doesn't work out, working for a designer like Lilly Pulitzer, Juicy, Chanel, or Tiffany (Breakfast at Tiffany's?) would be the ideal dream job. You can catch more of her golden wit (and senseless ramblings) on twitter @AlisonJanet124
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