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     This past summer, I worked as an intern in the music industry, where I spent a lot of time learning about and listening to new and upcoming artists. I had an absolute blast updating my playlists with all this new music and sharing it with my friends. I also got to hear some unreleased stuff that I can’t wait to come out so I can finally download it! Below is a list of some of my favorites that I think everyone should keep their eyes on this coming year. If you don’t know them, give them a listen!

Abhi the Nomad

Of all the artists on this list, Abhi is probably the most well-known, and for good reason. I have yet to hear a song from him I don’t like. He’s definitely a crowd-pleaser, with songs ranging from hip-hop to alternative. Everyone I’ve shown his songs to loves him, so I definitely recommend checking him out! He’s also set to release an album October 4th. 

Noteworthy tracks: “Sex n’ Drugs,” “Me No Evil,” “Somebody to Love,” “Floors,” “Run,” “So Long”

Vic August

Vic August is definitely one to watch, with his last project Truths already landing #1 in Australia this year. His songs are cool, ambitious and different. I was lucky enough to be able to hear a few of the pre-released songs from his next album xx, set to be released in November, and from what I heard I highly suggest keeping track of him.  

Noteworthy tracks: “Withdrawals,” “Approach,” “Sacrifice,” “Wire Tap,” “Bandit,” “Buss It Down”


I understand that so far this list is all rappers, but I can’t leave this next artist out. I spent a good amount of this summer uncontrollably bobbing my head to his new album RETROMODERN, and I usually have the same reaction to any of his other songs. Be sure to check this one out!

Noteworthy tracks: “INTOXICATED,” “Kumbaya,” “Heartbreak Kid,” “Strip,” “EXTRA GROOVY,” “Clout”


CHYLD is an EDM artist who’s pretty new on the scene, but it goes without saying that he is surely someone to keep your eye on. His songs are so much fun and perfect for updating your pregame playlist. Also, having heard some of his unreleased projects this summer, I would highly recommend checking back in on him over the next few months. 

Noteworthy tracks: “Rewind,” “Can We?,” “Cold Night,” “XOXO”

Happy listening! 

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