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21 Signs You’re Notre Dating

21. Your claddagh ring has been flipped

20. Your claddagh ring flips before it’s even Facebook Official.

19. He doesn’t know what a claddagh ring is. 

18. You find this hilarious. 

17. You deny that you want to rep his hall apparel, but you’re really on the lookout for a sweatshirt to steal. Even though you have 100 ND sweatshirts. Because you’re not just dating a Notre Dame boy. You’re dating an Insert Random Hall Here boy. 

16. You’ve been dating for 4 months and haven’t been taken on an actual date… Because SDH is the #1 spot to go if you’re Notre Dating. 

15. You go to Mass at his dorm more than your own… Because Mass is the #2 spot to go if you’re Notre Dating. 

14. Really, you’ve made some great memories in his residence hall. 

13. Like running away from his RAs drunk. 

12. And ditching your friends to hang out with his section bros who don’t even know your name. 

11. Hey it’s okay — you’ve gotten drunk with his mother at a tailgate. And not run away. Because it was completely appropriate.  

10. Most of your dates are held over text. 

9. These texts center on coordinating showing up at a pregame.

8. Not together, mind you. That involves a little too much communication. But maybe you’ll see him there haha. 

7. You’ve walked around the lakes together because there is nowhere else to go. And huddling together for warmth is cute! 

6. Still not getting that Ring by Spring, though. 

5. You find his Chicago accent oddly charming and jarring at the same time. 

4. He bought you a Reckers pizza that one time. 

3. He is not sure what he wants to do but probably consulting or finance. But not like sexy finance. More like financial planning. In Chicago. With his bros. 

2. But the #1 sign you’re definitely Notre Dating?

1. He hasn’t asked you out. 

Notre Dating — fun for everyone.

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AnnaLee Rice is a senior at the University of Notre Dame with a double major in Economics and Political Science and a minor in PPE. In addition to being the HCND Campus Correspondent, she is editor-in-chief of the undergraduate philosophy research journal, a research assistant for the Varieties of Democracy project, and a campus tour guide.  She believes in democracy and Essie nailpolish but distrusts pumpkin spice lattes because they are gross. 
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