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2020 Films with the Most Aesthetically Pleasing Color Palettes

With The French Dispatch US release date continuously being pushed back, 2020 marked another year without the release of a Wes Anderson movie. Nonetheless, 2020 proved to still be a year of stunning aesthetics, each embracing original hues. Here are movies of the past year that stand out by having wonderfully conspicuous color palettes:1. Birds of PreyThe bold neons used in the incredibly underrated superhero masterpiece Birds of Prey contribute to the audaciousness and whimsicality of the film.[bf_image id="q7jux2-feg8o8-fsx4bp"]2. Emma. (2020)Think of a world dominated by pastel pinks and blues, as well as the occasional bright yellow. This world is captured in each shot of the 2020 film adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma.
[bf_image id="jqxr6fqxv798f7b5swg99jk"]
3. Promising Young WomanThis Oscar-winning film is not only impeccably written and performed -- it also has very enticing visuals that serve a higher function. Indeed, the film's dreamy pink layers build up a rom-com allusion that the movie then subverts and reclaims entirely.[bf_image id="q7jux0-7rlfpk-cofblv"]These three films — all directed by women — not only give their audiences a pleasing image shot after shot; they also bring femininity into their films' aesthetic in a way that is both natural and innovative, trusting their audiences to know that a film covered in pink is still worthy of respect. These filmmakers are not copying the iconic color palettes of Wes Anderson; rather, they are admirably creating their own.
Clare Pryor

Notre Dame '24

Clare is a first year at Notre Dame from Minneapolis, Minnesota majoring in Neuroscience. In her free time, she enjoys singing, running, and watching movies.
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