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Your Running Guide To Northwestern University

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

As the weather gets warmer (and SPAC parking lot construction gets worse), students are taking their workouts to the streets. But for those who spend most of the year in hibernation or are experiencing warm weather in Evanston for the first time this spring, it’s hard to know just exactly where to run without getting yourself lost, mugged, or way too far from home. And from seeing everyone you know running on the route to the Baha’i Temple. That’s where this helpful running route guide comes in. And while I may be a post-hibernation freshman too, I’ve done my research (and talked to some students who have done theirs as well!), clocked my hours on the pavement, and I’m ready to share what I found. Each route begins and ends at the arch, so the specifics of the distance and route will vary depending on your starting point. 


Distance: 2 miles

Route: This route essentially covers the perimeter of campus. Run eastward down Sheridan Road (towards the water), then up along the lakefill. Emerge on north campus, and run back down Sheridan Road to the Arch.

Pros and Cons: This route is definately scenic, but anyone who’s ventured by the lake knows it gets pretty windy. Put on a Lululemon headband (expert trick: a bobby pin helps keep it from sliding) and you should be good to go.


Distance: 3.5 miles

Route: Run north on Sheridan Road. When you reach a dead end in the form of a crosswalk, follow Sheridan Road as it curves left. And when you reach a stop light, make a right onto none other than Sheridan Road. The Baha’i Temple will come up on your left. Follow the same route home.

Pros and Cons: While you are likely to see everyone you know who is mildly athletic on this run, the temple is also a great place to take a mid-run break and relax, do some situps, or run stairs (although I think it may be frowned upon). For those willing to go the extra mile (pun intended), just past the temple is Gillson Park, with paved roads and a beach to run on as well.


Distance: 3.5 miles

Route: Start by running north on Sheridan Road. Turn left on Lincoln Street, then right on Ashland Avenue. When you hit Ryan Field, turn right on Central Street, and then complete your run with a right down Sheridan Road.

Pros and Cons: This route is easy to navigate without getting lost, but isn’t exactly scenic (unless you’re a big fan of football stadiums, in which case, go ‘cats!)


Distance: 7 miles

Route: Make a left on Emerson Street, and continue straight onto Golf Road. Make a right onto Crawford Avenue and another onto Central Street. Make a right back onto Sheridan and find your way back home.

Pros and Cons: It’s 7 miles. But you’ll be in great bikini shape when summer finally comes!


Happy running!

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