Your Quick Guide to the Dance Marathon Blocks

Dance Marathon is quickly approaching. As you begin to consider what to pack for the weekend, here is a quick guide to what to wear for each block.

Block 1: This Is Our Team                       

Block one is filled with tons of energy. Everyone is so excited to start one of the most memorable weekends. In this block, be sure to wear your comfortable workout shorts, a sports bra, tennis shoes, and your team shirt. If you decided not to buy your team shirt this year, wear an old team shirt or some merch to show off which team you’re dancing for. As this block is a kick off of the whole weekend, it’s important to establish who is on your team so you can work on solidifying those friendships with the people who will carry you to the end.

Block 2: Characters Welcome

This is a super fun block to coordinate a costume with your friends for. Do you have a favorite Disney Princess that you want to dress up as? Are you dying to dress up like a Despicable Me minion? This block is the perfect opportunity to whip out the Halloween costume that you’ve always wanted to wear again but never had the opportunity to. Keep in mind that this costume should be comfortable; so opt for leggings instead of a dress or skirt.

Block 3: “Animal” House

Just as the quotation marks imply, you can dress up as an animal, or take the more creative twist and dress like the characters from the movie National Lampoon’s Animal House. This is a chance for you to dress like the ultimate frat star. Whip out your ironic “College” shirt or turn your sheet into a toga to reenact the famous toga party scene. This block is a lock down so feel free to dress as inappropriately as your heart desires.

Block 4: Guilty Pleasures

This block is pretty self-explanatory. Dress as that thing you “love to hate” or “hate to love.” If you’re addicted to The Bachelor, dress like Juan Pablo or one of the contestants. Channel your inner Kim Kardashian, or dress as a jar of nutella if you can’t get enough of that. Please remember to dress comfortably for this block though. Although it may be tempting to wear a skin-tight dress in order to resemble your favorite Kardashian, you will regret it 10 minutes into the block.

Block 5: Nerd-Western

As our student body so fondly loves to refer to itself, Nerd-Western suggests two costumes: nerds and cowboys. So wear your chambray or plaid shirts, your cowboy hats, your floral prints and your most fantastic nerd glasses and suspenders. If you have a lab coat lying around, use it to complete the look.

Block 6: Dancing Through the Decades

Dress as your favorite decade, but try to avoid a 90s theme since you’ll probably be dressing to remember the 90s in block 8! The 80s or 60s would probably be one of the easier decades to channel when packing for this block. The loose, hippie clothing of the 60s would be super comfortable, and the 80s work out girl would be an ideal costume for this block.

Block 7: Sporty 40

Show some love to your favorite sports team by dressing up to represent. This is a fun block to go all-out for. If you love a baseball team, wear some eye black, a baseball hat and their shirt. If it’s basketball, put on some basketball shorts in lieu of your running shorts.

Block 8: #TBT

This is the theme when you can finally dress in the 90s clothes you wanted to whip out for block 6. You can also wear an old team shirt, or if you’re a senior, wear your thirty-hour-club shirt that you wore as a freshman. This block is designed to remember the past of Dance Marathon, although it also works as a perfect opportunity to relive the fashion faux pas you made in middle school or elementary school.

Block 9: Let it Reign

Rock some royal garb over your hour club t-shirts and party like a royal. I know you all have a crown lying around somewhere that you’ve been dying to wear for something. This is the perfect time!

Block 10: DreaM Team

This is the final block, the time when the reason we’re all dancing becomes so clear. Dress in your Block 10 shirt and your most comfortable pair of shoes. All of your long hours spent in the tent will feel SO worth it during this block. Enjoy it. Take it all in.