Winter Break Packing Guide

Submitting your final essay, returning your rental textbooks, and at least making a genuine effort to clean out your apartment’s fridge means one thing: you are about to make your pilgrimage home for winter break. Whether you live two minutes or around the world from where you go to school, you know that a properly-packed bag is a necessity. I personally will be leaving snowy Evanston, Illinois for sunny Los Angeles, California, so planning ahead of time is a must. Here are a few tips and tricks when packing for home that I have learned during my past two years in college.

Leave your pajamas behind

Chances are you still have a drawer in your bedroom with at least a couple of baggy t-shirts from your high school cross country event or some leggings leftover from past dance classes. Leave your cozy clothes at college, and enjoy the comfy pieces that you already own.

Bring your makeup, leave your toothpaste

Your essential makeup should travel with you if you want to maintain your daily beauty routine or if you are looking to perfect a cool new holiday look. Otherwise, for toiletries, most things like toothpaste, floss, and hair spray are probably still on your bathroom counter where you left them this summer. If not, borrow from a family member!

Think of a weather-friendly travel outfit

Even though it is 60-plus degrees outside when I land in LA, the trip to the airport in Chicago is still quite cold. I always travel with a medium-sized jacket and a scarf, so I will have something to keep me warm before I leave and when I come back to school in January.

Keep technology basic

When you are home, you hopefully want to spend as much quality time with family and friends as possible rather than sit on your phone or computer all day. Leave excess devices at school and just take the classic laptop, phone, and headphones trio home.

Have enough space for goodies

Make sure your bag is a little empty when you bring it home just in case you to decide to bring back any gifts like sweaters or baked goods that you have received over the holidays.