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What’s on Your Mind this Holiday Season?

A few of our writers, Elana, Emma & Becca at our table at the arch today! 

With finals coming up, there seems to be a sense of impending doom on Northwestern’s campus.  While reading week is great for getting ready for our papers, projects and exams, I think we can all agree that we feel like sitting ducks waiting for Winter Break.  Thanksgiving was the tease of all breaks, and I think we’re all feeling a little bummed being back on campus prepping for finals.  So, we thought to boost moral, we would remind the students of Northwestern how close they are to break and to the holidays!  This is the greatest time of the year, getting in the holiday spirit, so we should remember to enjoy it!  We set up a table at the arch and asked the lovely women of Northwestern what they were looking forward to for the holidays and got some great responses!  Thanks so much for stopping by, singing along to Michael Buble’s Christmas album, eating chocolate, and bearing the cold with us, we really enjoyed meeting you ladies!  We are so so close, let’s get through these last two weeks together!

Aliza Class of 2017:“Even as a Jew, I blast Michael Buble all December long”


Becca Class of 2017: “I can’t wait to see my cats again”


Jenny Class of 2017: “I’m excited to see my little brothers”


Allie Class of 2017: I’ve been in love with the Nutcracker since my mom was in it!”


Aisha Class of 2018: “I want my mom’s home-cooked food”


Kaley Class of 2017: “He’s smelly but still super cute”


Steph Class of 2017: “I’m excited to see my friends for the holidays”


Anne Class of 2015: “The holidays are filled with warmth in the form of spirituality and dishes”


Jenna Class of 2017: “Evanston has a lot of things but good bagels is not one of them”


Rachel graduate student: “I’m from central Florida and while I like Northwestern, I’m freezing here.”


Isabel Class of 2018: “It really embodies the Christmas spirit because he is so jolly…”


Cat Class of 2015: “I really love that we use my great grandma’s cookie cutters from Germany.  It feels like such a family tradition.”


Elisabeth Class of 2017: “The coldest it gets in Alabama is 50 degrees!”


Lina Class of 2017 (and the writer of this article):“The Her Campus team does an awesome job with Holiday content that I can’t wait for you all to read!


Watch out these upcoming weeks for more Holiday posts to get you in the spirit!  Even if you didn’t stop by to take a picture, take some time to think about what you are excited for this Holiday break!  Obviously, Northwestern has a wide array of women who are all pumped for Holidays, so join in!  It is the most wonderful time of the year, so let’s get through these finals and celebrate!

This was us.  No shame.

Happy Holidays!


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Lina Hebert


Lina Hebert is a rising junior at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.  She is currently majoring in pyschology with the intention of going into marketing.  Through Her Campus and other organizations, she has gained valuable experience with writing, social media and event planning.  However, Lina's interests are not only limited to psychology and marketing; she was the fourth spoon from the left in Beauty and the Beast at age ten.  She is an inspired and devoted student, learner, blogger and nutella enthusiast.
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