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What to Wear For St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day, the holiday that condones excessive drinking, wearing kilts and of course, leprechaun traps, is a somewhat new phenomenon for me. I have the fondest memories of being in elementary school and building intricate traps, consisting of lots of cut-out shamrocks, gold glitter paint and anything shiny I could find. My naive self was completely convinced that these little men in green existed, waking up the morning of the 17th with green pee in the toilet, a trail of lucky charms throughout the house and a cunning note that said, “you almost trapped me!”

In college St. Patrick’s Day is not about building leprechaun traps or pinching someone if they’re not wearing green; it’s about getting drunk, participating in a parade and dressing in your most Irish outfit possible.

For those of you that are like me and have never experienced the party culture revolving around St. Patty’s Day, here are a few fashion fads that will help you fit the scene.

1.  A cute and simple top:

If you’re looking for something fast, Amazon Prime is the way to go. They have plenty of St. Patrick’s Day shirts – some are a little cheesy, but so is this holiday, so have fun with it! This shamrock shirt is an easy way to rep our dear Saint Patrick, without going all out. Another super fun online store is Corey Paige Designs. They have cute and simple crop tops, which are easy to pair with some jeans or a skirt.


2. Bottoms:

Corey Paige Designs also has funky leggings to go with a cute crop top. If you don’t feel like you need more green, pair it with a cute plaid skirt or even some blue jeans!

3. Accessories:

It’s all about the bling. Spice it up with some shamrock sunglasses, a green bandana and some beads! A little staple piece can be enough to make the whole look.

Get ready to have a blast this St. Patrick’s Day with all of this fun merch!

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