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What We Know About “American Horror Story” Season 6

It’s that time of year when fall television is announced. Whether that means cancellations, new show announcements or promos, all the popular shows are buzzing right now. Fan favorites Nashville and Agent Carter were cancelled, a Cruel Intentions television show is (hopefully) coming to NBC and my beloved American Horror Story is making its sixth fall appearance on FX. However, unlike most shows, this anthology series is still without a theme, promos and an official cast.

The show, which gets a new subject every year, usually has a theme in the winter before its premiere with season 5’s Hotel being announced February last year and season 3’s Coven had half of its cast announced by May.

But here we are, halfway through May and AHS fans have no theme for season 6. So here are the things we know, and some speculations as well.


Who Was Invited Back

In March at the PaleyFest panel with Ryan Murphy said that everyone on the stage with him was invited back for season 6. This included Finn Wittrock, Cheyenne Jackson, Wes Bentley, Matt Bomer, Angela Bassett, Denis O’Hare, Kathy Bates and Sarah Paulson. This had a lot of fans worried that favorite Evan Peters wasn’t making a return. While no one has been confirmed, Lady Gaga has been invited back and Peters will most likely come back; he is one of two actors who has appeared in every single season.

Who I Want Back (or Added)

Alright, so there have been a lot of rumors that Bradley Cooper will be added to the cast. To that, I say “Hell yes!” He could either be some comic relief, which shows up a surprising amount in between the guts and gore, or he would be a great sadistic villain. Those good looks can be a mask for the evil underneath!

Obviously, I am waiting for the day Taissa Farmiga makes a return, and I’m starting to worry that I’ll get my first grey hair before that happens. She is also a fan favorite, often paired with Evan Peters in the eyes of die-hard fans. She has grown so much as an actress since the first season, and I want to see her in a badass role like Zoe near the end of Coven or possibly even an antagonist. That would be super different, but something she would excel in.

There have also been rumors about Connie Britton returning, which I’m all for; she was good in the first season, so why not? And Emma Roberts has said that she wants to work with Lady Gaga, lamenting on her lack of a role in season 5. However, Roberts is filming Scream Queens, so I don’t know if this will work out. But Sarah Paulson did it, so why not Roberts? The more the merrier.


Released Date and Filming

Ever season of AHS has premiered in the first week or so of October. The filming for season 6 isn’t slated to start until June, according to Angela Basset, which should be enough time to get the show up by autumn, however that also limits the content we’ll get to see before then. I guess we’ll just have to trust Ryan Murphy (which, as a fan of a lot of his content, I’m scared of doing).



Again, AHS is an anthology series with a new subject and time period each season. Murphy has confirmed that every season is connected in some way, something we saw a lot of this past season with the return of the Murder House, Queenie and Billie Dean Howard.

There have been a lot of speculation from cast and fans alike. Peters has said a space theme would be cool, which was then squashed by Murphy on the grounds that it’s called “American” Horror Story not “Intergalactic” Horror Story. Which also throws out Wes Bentley’s idea for a “Ghost Ship” theme, because, again, it wouldn’t take place in the USA. Denis O’Hare also pitched an ancient Rome theme. This would also not work for geographical reasons (not America), although it could be something that is shown in flashbacks, if it is a part of season 6.

Fans have made their own bids for season themes. I’ve seen Dollhouse, which would be chillingly scary and opens the doors for some serious abstract things to happen. There has been Summer Camp, which would just bring back everybody’s fear of lake monsters and dark woods, and it also goes with Ryan Murphy’s claim that kids will be a huge part of the season 6. My favorite so far is Slenderman. That was a huge rumor that came about near the end of Hotel and I am so into it. Like many, I was intensely intrigued by this urban legend a few years back, I played the game and just the thought of a lanky demon stalking children was horrifying! I desperately want AHS to be scary again. I want to be on the edge of my seat as things pop out and dark imagery mesmerizes me, as happened in season 1 through 3. The last two have just been a lot of gore and sex, which are great, but not scary.

Season 5 Hotel seemed to claw its way back into the good graces of fans after the stinker that was Freak Show. So hopefully season 6 keeps that momentum going and gives fans what they’ve been waiting for since the end of season 3 Coven.

Alani Vargas


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