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What is ‘Sexy’ on Halloween?

I think we can all agree that Halloween has come to the point where you cannot walk into a costume store without being bombarded by the word ‘sexy‘.  Realistically, most costumes out there expose quite a bit of skin, and that is fantastic for the women out there that are comfortable wearing that.  I have so much respect for women who are comfortable with their bodies and can rock a leotard like it’s nobody’s business.  However, we have to also realize that some women are not completely comfortable being so exposed.  I think in light of Halloween, we can realize that “sexy” has a broad definition.  Yes, a bare bod is dead sexy, but so is humor, intelligence, and so much more.  This is why I began asking people what they considered sexy, and most answers had a lot more to do with the way we carry and express ourselves than what we wear.



“Sexy is being confident in yourself in your body and mind.”  –Deanna Williams

“Being funny is the sexiest thing a person can be.” –Emily Bird

“I feel sexy if I am feeling good in what I am wearing so I can focus on having fun” –Liza Kelly

“It’s going to be sexy if its something that makes you feel confident.  It doesn’t have to be super revealing, sometimes it’s sexy to keep people guessing” –Aliza Abarbanel


So for the women out there that want to be something witty this Halloween, I’m here to say “you go girl!”  We don’t necessarily have to wear a short skirt to be sexy!  What is important is that we all feel comfortable and confident in what we’re wearing, so we can focus on having fun, not on if our skirt is rising up too far. 


“Sexy is knowing that you can pull it off”- Jenna Perlstein

“Sexy is when somebody knows who they are and they are proud to be it” –Amanda Blazek

“Sexy is the ability to be aware of and own your beauty” –Chris Paul

“Intelligence.  Not pretending to be stupid and offering opinions and such.  Ditsy isn’t sexy.” –Stephen Ross

“The quality of overwhelmingly appealing confidence” –Scott Mah

“If you want to show skin, and feel confident about it, then totally go for it, but if you don’t, know that you can still be sexy in your own way.”

Kendall Siewart


So if these are our perceptions of sexy, why do they change so drastically for Halloween?  We all have different bodies and different personalities.  That is a fact.  So why not express our personalities through our costumes?  For example, I am a goofy person, and I would rather wear a funny costume than a revealing one.  So I am going to do that this Halloween, please join me if you feel the same way, you will not be alone!  Imagine these two scenarios:


1.         You walk into the party killing it in a pink leotard and bunny ears.  You probably look like Reese Witherspoon from Legally Blonde.  A guy comes up to you and says you definitely look like you’re going to Harvard Law.

2.         You walk into the party wearing an inflatable donut around your waist and a basketball jersey.  A guy comes up to you, takes a second to figure out that you’re dunkin’ donuts and laughs.  He then asks if you actually follow basketball, and you sweep him off his feet saying you’re a Lakers fan and it changed your life when Kobe got injured.

Two very different scenarios but both are fun and both are in the spirit of Halloween, where we can dress up and pretend to be ANYTHING we want to be.  We can all be sexy in so many different ways, so let’s exude sexiness in our own ways.  Be something funny, be something inspirational, be something silly, and of course you can be something classically sexy; there are a million different ways to be sexy on Halloween.  So go out and feel confident in your costume so you can let go and have fun!  Happy Halloween everybody!

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Lina Hebert


Lina Hebert is a rising junior at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.  She is currently majoring in pyschology with the intention of going into marketing.  Through Her Campus and other organizations, she has gained valuable experience with writing, social media and event planning.  However, Lina's interests are not only limited to psychology and marketing; she was the fourth spoon from the left in Beauty and the Beast at age ten.  She is an inspired and devoted student, learner, blogger and nutella enthusiast.
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