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“Poopy-dee scoop, scoop-diddy-whoop” is not exactly the words you would expect to be in a song from a lyrical expert like Kanye West. Growing up, I admired Kanye’s music. His lyrics were talented and smart and the beats in his songs were creative and unique. He was eccentric, he was controversial, but I never thought I would see him wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. As one of the most influential African-American men in perhaps the world, I certainly never thought I would hear him say slavery was a choice. So what happened to Kanye? Is this a mental breakdown or is he trolling us all? Here are the latest of Kanye’s strange behaviors. 

His New Music

When Kanye announced he was releasing new music, I was excited like everyone else. I  couldn’t wait to hear what such a talented artist created this time. Then I listened to “Lift Yourself.” I was pretty into the song until Kanye’s verse came in. The lyrics to this verse are:

Poopy-di scoop





Whoopity-scoop, whoop-poop

Poop-diddy, whoop-scoop

Poop, poop


Whoop-diddy-scoop, poop


No, I’m not kidding…he really does say “poop” that many times. I was just as confused as everyone else. What do these lyrics mean? Was this really the new single? Listen for yourself:

Wearing a “Make America Great Again” Hat

During the 2016 election, Kanye announced his support for Donald Trump. Many people questioned this and lashed out at Kanye for standing with Trump and his controversial ideologies. He took back his support only to post a picture wearing a signed “Make America Great Again” hat. Kanye has since prominently stated his support for Trump over Twitter, causing his fans, followers and celebrity friends to question his actions.

His Responses to Other Celebrities

Many celebrities that Kanye used to be close with, including Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar, have unfollowed him on social media. Celebrity friends such as John Legend reached out to him to let him know that they disagreed with his recent tweets. Kanye disregarded what many celebrities said about him, continuing to post his controversial thoughts on Twitter.

His New Album Artwork

In November 2007, Kanye’s mother, Donda West, passed away after complications from a surgery performed by Dr. Jan Adams. Dr. Adams stated that Kanye’s mother’s death was not his fault, yet Kanye has publicly blamed him. Kanye was extremely close to his mother, and many attribute the beginning of his “breakdown” to her death. Recently, Kanye stated that he wants to use a picture of Dr. Adams as his album cover.

Saying that Slavery was a Choice

This is the most surprising outburst I have heard from Kanye. As such an influential person of color, many were shocked that he could possibly believe such a thing. Kanye has so many fans that look up to him, which makes his statement even more upsetting. It is shocking to see such ignorance coming from a prominent member of the black community. See what he had to say for yourself:


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