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What to Do for Family Weekend

Parent’s weekend is always such an enjoyable time for Northwestern students. Many people have not seen their parents since they left for school in September and this may be the first time they are visiting our Evanston campus. In order to take full advantage of the opportunity to show them a little about what you have been up to the past two months, consider taking them to the best Evanston hot spots. Evanston is full of great restaurants, beautiful scenery and of course an incredible student body who has put together some amazing activities for you and your parents to do together.

1. Lake Fill Walking/ Biking path

The Lake Fill is arguably one of Northwestern’s best features. The long path which accommodates bikes and walkers alike is a great way to show your parents our beautiful campus. The Chicago skyline in the distance is the perfect backdrop to any afternoon stroll. Consider renting Divvy bikes, which have recently become available on campus as well!

2. Restaurants in downtown Evanston

Where to bring you parents to eat is always a stressful decision to make. You are most likely sick of dining hall food by now and are hoping your parents will be willing to take you out somewhere a bit nicer. Luckily Evanston has tons of great places to eat, including Bat 17, Farmhouse, and Prairie Moon to name a few.

3. The Bah’ai Temple

The Bah’ai Temple is not extremely close to campus, but if you and your parents are up for a 3 mile (round trip) walk, I would definitely recommend it. Not only is the temple beautiful but it is also filled with historical significance, as it is the only temple of its kind in North America.

4. Student Organization Activites:

If you are involved in a student organization, you may be hosting an event that is parent- friendly in honor of the weekend. However, if you are not yet involved, a lot of these activities are not exclusive to the members of the group so check your Facebook and ask your friends if they know of anything fun going on! This would be a great way to introduce your parents to your friends and peers!

5. Northwestern vs. Wisconsin

Of course the football game is arguably the highlight of parent’s weekend. Put on your purple, set up a tailgate with your parents, and enjoy delicious snacks and drinks. And don’t forget….Go ‘Cats!

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