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What Bros Want For Christmas: The Bro Bloggers Gift Guide


Welcome to the Bro Blog! With the holidays approaching people everywhere are beginning to freak about what presents to get for the special people in their lives. Our bro bloggers tell you what gifts they, the ultimate bros, want from a lady! 

Check them all out and enjoy:)

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Boys, it’s almost Christmas time and you know what that means – you’re getting a gift from your girlfriend. That’s right, it’s that rare occasion when you get a gift in return for all the gifts you’ve bought her – not that it’s a bad thing. It’s a nice change of pace when you get something in return, but what do we, as guys, really want? Before you get overexcited, take your mind out of the gutter. Not every gift has to include a happy ending. But it is the season of giving, so you never know.


Anyway, if you’re in a relationship, you obviously like spending time with each other. That’s the place to start. Buy him tickets to a concert and make it a date. It doesn’t have to be extravagant; it just has to something you can enjoy together. It makes it even better if it’s his favorite artist so you can see your work in action. There isn’t a better feeling than seeing a gift making someone happy. Not to mention you’ll be with him, so in his opinion, things couldn’t get better. If a concert doesn’t work out, try a couple of tickets to a sporting event. It works just the same and it’s a more casual.

Granted, those two options may be a little pricy, so if you can’t swing them, fear not. Headphones are a great go-to gift. Every guy loves music and a nice pair of headphones always come in handy. And if your boyfriend doesn’t love music, leave him, because that’s a huge red flag.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of any sort of clothing. It’s never a bad choice to fall back on a nice sweater. Clothing gives you a gauge to see how well you know your boyfriend. If he wears your gift, you’re doing something right. If he doesn’t, seriously reevaluate your priorities and figure out what he does like to wear.

And honestly, the sheer act of giving is a huge plus. If it comes down to the wire, “impulse buy” something. He’ll appreciate it regardless simply because it’s coming from you.  


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Happy Advent Ladies,
Contrary to what the sassy young lady who made the best decision of her life two years ago when she decided to date me may say, I’m exceptionally easy to please.  In this regard, I believe I speak on behalf of all Y-chromosome bearers when I say that it’s really, really difficult for you to get us a bad holiday present.  I mean it’s quite easy for Grandma Marge to ruin Christmas by giving her 20 year-old grandson a dinosaur toy in front of the whole family, but y’all beautiful young ladies have a range of options at your disposal.  Thankfully, your little elf is here to let you know what to give your boy toy, besides of course the best egg-nog induced rolls in the mistletoe of his life.  
Undoubtedly the best gift for any guy is to buy yourself Victoria’s Secret Christmas lingerie.  It’s the ultimate win-win because you purchase the perfect gift for your beau by buying something for yourself.  It’s almost as magical as Immaculate Conception.  You have the chance to buy the underwear that reads “On Santa’s Naughty List” guilt-free while not having to spend a dime on your boyfriend.  For all those who celebrate Hanukkah, I’ll be sure to petition Victoria’s Secret to include a “Light My Menorah” pair to their catalogue.  
To tell you the truth, I don’t want a lot this Christmas.  There is just one thing I need.  And I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree.   Since Mariah Carey is out of the question, and like Rachael Ray just hasn’t quite aged as gracefully as I’d hoped, all I want is one night in Midtown with said sassy young lady.  As long as that night doesn’t conflict with the Christmas special of “Deal or No Deal” cause like any righteous young man, I wouldn’t miss those lovely briefcase ladies in bad Santa outfits for the world.  Also, I do have one other wish.  I want to go the entire Christmas season without hearing “Christmas Shoes” one single time.   I’m not one to shed tears but those melancholy lyrics almost broke me down last year and I’m not sure I can pull it together two years in a row.
But in all honestly, all I want is a New York City Christmas complete with windows, Salvation Army Santas, Central Park carolers, giant candy canes, and toys at F.A.O Schwartz.  Basically I just want to live out the plot of Home Alone 2, especially if it means I get to meet Joe Pesci.  Speaking of Home Alone 2, remember when Macaulay Culkin was that cute little kid destined for stardom.  Now he’s a burnout most notable for being one of the things that Mickey Avalon says “yo dick” looks like.  Macaulay Culkin’s downfall and the unfortunate fate of the mom in “Christmas Shoes” shows how quickly our luck can run out.  While I still have mine, I want to share an epic Christmas with a lovely young lady that has been away from me for far too long.  Unless, of course someone out there can hook a brother up with a ticket on the Polar Express.    
Want her to look beautiful, if mama meets Jesus tonight (tears forming already),

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I don’t believe chivalry is dead. But neither is the female version (I’m sure there’s a name for it). That’s why when I sat down to think about what I would want for Christmas from my significant other, I thought of the most simple, cost-free, and useful gift a guy can get—redeemable favor coupon cards.

Look, we’re in college. I realize that it’s time to practice financial independence, so I don’t expect my girlfriend to have a car with a bow on the sunroof sitting outside my dorm. In fact, she can make me happy without dropping a dime.


A redeemable favor coupon can be written on a notecard, post-it,  a piece of loose leaf—you can even get fancy and laminate them. Point is, an RFC is a paper with any kind of favor written on it. The coupon could read something like, “One room cleaning” or “One fifteen-minute, full body massage.” It’s as creative as you want it to be. You would package them in a stack of anywhere from 1-10 coupons (depending how nice he’s been this year) and he would be able to utilize them at any point within the next year. Heck, if you want, you can even opt out of an expiration date.

Ladies, just think about how clutch these coupons will prove in times your man is lonely, stressed, bored, angry, you name it. If I received such a gift from my girl, I’d for sure be set for the year. And she’d be able to spend more money on gifts for her family. Everybody wins.

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So you have to buy a gift for a guy but don’t know what to get him? Congratulations, now you know just how every guy feels about buying gifts for girls. Y’all are a confusing bunch. But I guess since you asked so nicely I could help you out. Here is a list of some things I would be happy to receive:

Clothing: I will tell you a secret, I sometimes have very little motivation to go shopping on my own and have a terrible time making decisions. In fact, a lot of clothes of mine are just things I got from my older brother who buys quite a lot of clothes. As a girl, I naturally assume you are up to date on all fashions, and as such a perfect present would be you acting as my personal shopper. It is a win win situation, I get nice clothes and you get a prettier guy to hang out with.

Video Games: So I like video games, and I think if a girl can get me a video game that I will actually like, it is one of the best gifts I could get. Why? Because that means you are not ashamed of my love of video games and it means you actually listen to those incessant rantsI give about why I love the games I do. I know they are not the most interesting things in the world, but let’s face it, neither is all the stuff girls talk to guys about, but we still listen to that.

Activities for 2: Fun things like swing dancing lessons or cooking classes or skydiving. Why? Because I am lazy and this makes it easier for guys because then we don’t have to come up with a cool date that you will like because you are the ones choosing it.

Although, beware women. If you get me a gift I do not like or have no use for, perhaps I will judge you for it and know you don’t listen to me. Or perhaps I will still enjoy it because I am a polite young man. I would say it depends on the day and if I have had my nap time by then. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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