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Weighing in with Elizabeth: Playing Pong


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Hehe… not that kind of pong. This week we’re going to talk about… well, me. Ha. Too self-centered? Well, I just wanna use myself as an example of something that can be very frustrating: ping-ponging. Some call it yo-yoing but I never could quite work a yo-yo so I’m making up my own metaphor. Annnnyway, ever since Thanksgiving break, I’ve been ping-ponging back and forth in about a 5lb range (see graph for full disclosure). I just can’t seem to keep myself in check. It’s this pattern of horrible week, great week, and back to horrible week that I just can’t break out of. My own personal game of scale ping-pong.Do you find yourself in a winter rut too? I feel like it’s almost impossible not to. Winter holidays + winter weather = winter instability. With stomachs full of cookies and cocoa we descend upon Northwestern in January expecting everything to snap back into place but the grey heavy skies make us sluggish and life can seem just… hard.
My problem (I’m blatantly self-diagnosing here) is that I’m taking myself too seriously. Eating well every day of every week is not going to happen in the real world, so ease up and turn the game of ping pong on its head. Instead of weight ups and downs think of positivity flips.
Elizabeth’s Guide to Turning Winter Quarter Health Bummers into Corny Positives:

- It’s sleeting and the wind chill is so far below zero you can’t even comprehend it ->  “Thank God I have a free gym to go to! It would suck to have to run outside in this weather. Which I would do, because my willpower is rock solid.”
-  You have two midterms a week every week until finals week -> “I am so much smarter than my friends at semester schools. Hotter, too. Good thing I take such good care of myself.”
- There is no fresh fruit in any of the dining halls and you’re eating your millionth apple for the week in an effort to be healthy -> “At least I’m not adding to my carbon footprint by eating out-of-season fruit that’s been flown in. Damn, I am great.”
- You’re constantly sick. Like, always. You can barely go to class, let alone the gym or Whole Foods -> “My body obviously needs rest. I’m glad I’m taking care of it now so I’ll be back to fighting spirits next week.”
- You’re snowed in (!!!) with the following foods: Easy Mac, yogurt, Frosted Flakes, microwave popcorn, and your roommate’s Pop Tarts -> “Ooh, an eating challenge. What good eating decisions can I make with this stuff? I know enough to rule out the Pop Tarts… good thing I can resist anything no matter how long it stares at me from across the room.” (Can you tell what Elizabeth did yesterday?)
Heh, that was fun. Apparently I’m into complimenting myself this week.
Deep breath, and remember that Northwestern winter is just another hurdle to be leapt with style and grace, the way you tackle everything else. Return the serves in your game of ping pong with life and you’ll feel much better.
Feel-Good Tip of the Week:

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